Wrong link in "writing tools" (in Spanish)- Beta - Release Candidate 14, version

I’m trying the scrivener 3 for windows (in Spanish) and I’ve noticed that in the writing tools, when I choose "Buscar en WordReference.com (sinonimos)" (Screenshot1), the link goes to the thesaurus.com page (Screenshot 2)instead of the wordReference.com page. (Screenshot 3)
I don’t know if the WordReference link could be fixed.

I have attached the screenshots in case they help.

And I apologize for my bad English. :blush:

Thank you very much.

Reporting the same issue for Italian version. “Cerca in come-dire.it (sinonimi)” brings to the very same page reported by Elisabeth. Wordreference.com may have changed some of its links; about come-dire.it I know for sure that the domain is for sale.