wrong page count in page view two pages up

I encountered a strange behaviour in the page count in the status line. When viewing a composite document in page view with two pages up, the status line gives an information that reads i.e. like “Page 1 of 111”. Now, scrolling down, the left number changes suceccively: “Page 1-2 … 2 … 2-3 …” and so on. When I am an the end of my document, it says: “Page 56 of 111”, where it should be “110-111” or just “111”.
When slowly scrolling down and observing how the numbers change, it shows out that only every second page is counted in the left column, whereas the right column shows the overall number of all the pages.
Unless I do something wrong or don’t understand the principle, this behaviour is not really consistent. One would expect to have every of the 111 pages counted.
As far as I see, this is the same for all composite documents, independent being scrivenings or collections.

D’oh, you’re right - it’s counting the rectangles rather than the actual pages. I’ve just fixed this for 2.0.1.