Wrong Version

I was an idiot and bought the MacOS version instead of the Windows version. I emailed last week and received no response. Is there any way I can swap my license key as I’ve tried the free trial and loved it?

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You need to check your spam as a lot of responses come from tenderapp, not literatureandlatte.



Thanks I’ll keep an eye on my spam folder. :smiling_face:

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The other thing to do is to PM one of the moderators like @kewms by clicking in their avatar. They won’t discuss licensing issues on the forums anyway for security reasons.

Good luck.


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Thanks, I’ll give that a go. I’m anxious to get writing lol :grin:

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Does the Windows version you downloaded not work in Trial Mode so you can write now?

Unfortunately, I’ve used up my free trial days :sob:. I’ve sent another email so hopefully they get back to me soon!

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You should get first (as in, instantaneously or almost) an automated response email. If you don’t, something is off.
And as was said, check your spam folder.

Still not had an automated email :sob: hopefully it’s just a technical issue or something

Use the form in the link below. I just tested it, the system is up and running.

And do nag them promptly! As of Tuesday the 19th they’ll all be gone for Christmas…

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Idea: If you absolutely need to get writing, I get that, and whatever gets in the way, purchase the Windows license and simultaneously seek a refund for the “wrong” version you purchased.

nagged them a couple of times through the form and still nothing :cry:. Even tried an alternate email just in case it was an issue with my email and still nothing.

thankfully it’s not too desperate as i’ve got a few other options (e.g. obsidian) but it’s still a bit frustrating.

I of course cannot speak for L&L, but accounting-wise, it’s probably easier and quicker for all that you request a refund for the unwanted purchase, and simply buy what you want. Two transactions.

Yeah, that’s true. Hopefully the process to request a refund is easy enough

@AmberV @kewms
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As @Vincent_Vincent said, if you aren’t getting our autoresponse emails, then you probably won’t get the human reply, either. Please send me a PM (click my avatar) with the email address you used for the purchase.