Wrote my first novel with Scrivener: "Die letzte Wahl"

I wrote my first novel “Die letzte Wahl” (well its German, sorry) with Scrivener, english translation would roughly be: “The Last Election”. And I couldn’t have done it without this fantastic program, thanks a lot!

If you want to check it out: It’s a thriller about a far-right party planning a coup in Germany. Here’s the flat text of the novel (sorry, if the English translation is not perfect):

The “People’s Party” wants to overthrow Germany. He wants to stop them. The hunt begins.

When journalist Nicholas Moor is on vacation with his daughter in a remote mountain hotel, he accidentally films a secret meeting of the up-and-coming right-wing populist People’s Party with a drone. The footage is explosive: the video shows detailed plans for a coup after the party’s expected election victory. The security guards of the People’s Party have noticed the drone, however, and they are willing to go over dead bodies to prevent Nicholas from making these plans public. He only sees one way out to prevent the coup d’état …

Link to the official site of the book

If I had only one wish for Scrivener: It would so be great, if you would include German spellchecking and grammar checking.

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Congratz on finishing your novel, not a simple feat.

German spellcheck


Thanks for your quick and helpful reply. What I wrote about the dictionary was wrong, Scrivener on MacOS uses the integrated spell checker. What I meant to say was: it would be great, if Scrivener had a German thesaurus (there is one from Apple, but it’s not great) and a grammar and especially style checker, just as for example Papyrus Autor 11 has (which also has a great integrated German thesaurus and a much better spell checker as well).

Sorry for my confusing first post.

You could do something similar to what I have to do (French).
Because Scrivener doesn’t have any grammar checker. No matter the language.
I use Antidote. Where you’d use Papyrus Autor or whatever suits you.

Here is what to do:
Sync your project with an external folder. (First time needs a setup; File / Sync / with External Folder)
Then open the exported RTF files in your 3rd party app.
Do that analyze/fix/grammar check.
Save the result.
Sync your project with your external sync folder again.

Simple as that. – No time wasted. All formatting and style assignations preserved.
You can even add a sync icon to the main toolbar for convenience.


For other stuff (like the thesaurus for. e.g.), what I do is that I have Antidote’s dictionary running in the background, and I just drop whatever words I want synonyms or whatever for on it.
I’ve set Scrivener to leave a strip of my screen unoccupied on the right side, and having my 3rd party app line-up to the right of the screen, I just drag and drop the word(s) in that “crack”.


Thats a great idea, Vincent! Merci! I will try this out. It would be better, of course, if Scrivener had a grammar and style check integrated or would offer third parties the option to directly integrate.