Xbox home cinema joy

I’m so happy! My Xbox 360 has come back repaired. And we’ve treated ourselves to a 42 inch, wall-mounted Panasonic plasma TV for my high def gaming (and TV and movies, of course).

Plus (KB note): I know I’m getting Mass Effect and The Orange Box for Christmas. Oh, joy!

Now, if I can only tear my wife away from playing Lumines II for six hours at a time…

Fantastic! I have a projector that my best friend and my better half bought together for me for my birthday this year, and gaming (as well as DVDs) hasn’t been the same since. Mass Effect is pretty cool, but the Orange Box rocks. Glad you and your Xbox are happily reunited.

That is great news. Mass Effect is a milestone in gaming, and is also so incredibly disappointing in so many ways. I love the game, there’s not been much better, but when it is THAT brilliant the little things become frustrating. I haven’t finished it yet (been playing far too much COD4).

I’m hoping to maybe get The Orange Box for Christmas.