XP crash on start [FIXED]

Scrivener 1.0 Beta on XP SP3 machine.

First run after installation, I tried to create a project in the top-level Dropbox folder. That caused a crash, and now after the “This Beta…December 12” modal, I get “Scrivener.exe has encountered a problem…” every time, with the following:

AppName: scrivener.exe AppVer: ModName: neresize.ax
ModVer: Offset: 00003175

Going to the Tutorial directory and clicking on Tutorial.scriv\project.scrivx gives the same result.

I assume it’s trying to open a bad file. Is there an INI file I need to delete? I can send the entire error report if desired.


Update! I uninstalled 1.0 Beta, ran Revo uninstaller, then installed 1.3 Beta. I had the same problem as before. I poked around, and neresize.ax is not a Scrivener file, it’s a DirectShow filter, part of Nero 7. I renamed that file and now Scrivener seems to run fine.