Ye Old Name Generator

Howdy folks,

I’d like to drop here a few suggestions of mine for improving that oft-neglected little gem of writing tools, the Name Generator. I’ve been using it a lot lately to help me brainstorm new character ideas, and here are some ideas I thought of that might not be too hard to implement, and that might make the NG better in the long run:

  1. Allow for adding lists of gender-neutral forenames; add a gender “slider” to adjust how “masculine” or “feminine” a list of names tends to favor being.
  2. Allow for adding tab and CR-dileneated lists, not just c.s.v. lists.
  3. Make the font the NG uses (as well as the font size it uses) user-adjustable, but keep the actual copied/pasted text as plain text.
  4. Ditch the roll-out “drawer” thing and just put all the options, lists, and tools in one big window.
  5. Add an option for generating “only single/double initials” as forenames.
  6. Add an option to generate anagrams, combinations, and permutations of given word forms in either existing lists or from user input.
  7. Add options for randomization (and for controlling “how random” the results are).
  8. Ability to save a list of generated names back to the NG itself, so that the generated names themselves can be used as additional, future name-generating material (see anagrams and permutations).
  9. Ability to generate royal titles, letters of mark, academic titles, honorifics, ancient titles, military ranks (according to division) and other traditional titles either randomly or as specified.
  10. Ability to create acronyms either randomly or out of words from specified lists (and in order of specification).

That’s all I can think of right now. But rest assured, there’s probably more ideas lurking in my brain somewhere.

—Andy H.

How about allowing selection of more than one origin for names? That would save me a lot of time. :wink:

That sounds like an app unto itself.