Yes, I've been busy registering...

Just wanted someone to know that it’s legit that it looks like I’m registering multiple copies…

I have a PC Desktop with Scrivener.

Yesterday I bought a new PC laptop and installed Scrivener prior to giving my PC Desktop to my wife. (Since she doesn’t use it, I uninstalled it from that PC.)

I discovered the new laptop had a hardware error, so I returned it this a.m.

I’m busy re-installing Scriverner on this new, NEW laptop.

I’m not installing it everywhere - believe me. Just this one instance.

I can only imagine what they must think. I use it on my desktop and laptop. My fiance (who lives with me, of 11 years) uses it. And to make matters worse, I was having issues with corruption in a WINE prefix, so I had to install it 3 times in one day. You’ll probably be OK. :slight_smile:

This is fine. They won’t get mad at you. I think the limit is 5 registered computers, and the registration process goes something like this… If you register a 6th computer, then the oldest registration is deleted on their servers. If you run Scrivener on that machine at some point, it will prompt you to register on it; doing so will un-register the next-oldest registration. So it could be a pain if you are trying to run on 6 different computers (at which point, you should be buying another license), but if you had a dead computer registered, it’s registration will eventually be recycled when you bump up against that limit. I think it’s a pretty elegant solution; the typical “oldest registration” will be on the most obsolete computer, or one that has already been tossed on the scrap-heap, so you will rarely get into a situation where this inconveniences you.

(Note, this is just what I remember from explanations by Keith; I could have completely jumbled the facts.)

Here are the details, and here is the link to the full licence.

Oh good. They changed it so we’re not breaking the EULA by running it under Windows. :slight_smile: