Yet another dropbox sync problem

Hi Everyone,

I’ve read the previous posts, the troubleshooting guide, etc. and still can’t figure it out.

Problem: I have a one way problem - what I write in on my iphone 7 will not sync to dropbox. however, any edits i make on my Linux OS Scrivener will show up on my iphone.

I’ve checked to make sure the iOS setting for dropbox is linked to the correct folder (in iOS scrivener app click: edit - gear - dropbox setting - “apps/scrivener”).

Funny thing - if i make a change on my laptop, it WILL show up on the iOS. However, any changes I make to the manuscript using my iphone, I don’t see it in the dropbox website or in dropbox folder that is installed on my laptop.

I appreciate your help everyone!

I fear when your troubleshooters arrive they are going to have to ask the basics just to clear the table. So, maybe I can help by getting some of that out of the way.

  1. Does the problem only occur with a specific project or is it the same story for any of your projects?

  2. Does iOScriv seem to go through its sync cycle after you edit something on your phone? Sync progress dialog comes up, etc.

  3. Syncing with dropbox from the desktop is wholly automatic - no user involvement. But syncing with dropbox in iOS Scriv does require that you do something (at least agree to something). So, after you edit in a project on iOScriv, you back out to the Scriv projects home screen and you ARE telling iOScriv to sync, right?


P.S. I suppose it is possible this is a Linux-Dropbox thing, but I would be no use on that subject.

Are you running the Linux version of Scrivener? If so, is the Linux version at all upgraded to include the sync capabilities with the new iOS version? The older Mac versions can’t and have had to be replaced by a newer version.

The iOS version of Scrivener places its changes in a special “mobile” folder within the project. The desktop version checks these changes for conflicts with the main body of the project, then incorporates the files.

The Linux version does not know this special folder exists, and is therefore unable to look for it. iOS -> Linux synchronization is NOT supported.

(Why does it work in the other direction? Because the Linux version puts its changes in the main body of the project, which the iOS version does see.)


Thanks Katherine,

You confirmed what I thought.

Since I can’t save from my iphone to my Linux, I have to be more deliberate in how I open the file from Dropbox.

I am a lazy bastard so it says a lot of the quality of this product that I am willing to do all this instead of using evernote or some other alternative software