Yet More Wordcount Stuff

This isn’t a bug so I didn’t put it in the bug section, it’s an enhancement request.

Right now, the Word Counter has a Document Target and that’s cool. But it would be nice to have a Session Target that keeps track of how many words typed since a particular session began (and that you should be able to re-set whenever you want.)

It would also be nice to have a Time Target for a session as well. Let’s say you want to write for 45 minutes, it would be nice to put in the 45 minutes and then have the software flash or beep or something when the time was up.

I don’t know about the Time Target, but there is a Session Target.

Press Ctrl + T. :slight_smile:

You can leave that window open while you write. The progress bar will update when you pause typing for a moment.

Well. There you go. :slight_smile: