You don't have permission to save in this location

Hi, I just tried to compile a document and got a message saying “you don’t have permission to save to this location.” This has not happened to me before and I don’t know how to fix it. Saving in this location has never been a problem. I have Windows 7 and am running Scrivener 196. Thanks in advance for any tips! Let me know if you need more info

What is the location you’re trying to save to? Have you tried changing the compile’s output location to some place you know you can save to, such as your Desktop folder, or your Documents folder?

Thanks for the reply. I actually meant to come back and delete this post as it does not seem to be a Scrivener problem after all. The same thing happened when using a different program, so it’s something to do with Windows and permissions, I suppose. Maybe after the last batch of updates, something got screwed up. It’s pretty annoying. I can save to my desktop, for example, but not to folders in My Documents.

snip wrong guide.

Open the folders properties and got to the security tab and change permissions for your account, if you can’t change permissions take ownership of the folder, if you can’t take ownership of the folder activate the super administrator account and change permissions and/or ownership.
A quick guide

Thanks for the suggestion. It turns out it was my new anti-virus software blocking the operation for some reason. I made adjustments and all’s now working.