You know you are old when.....

You know what this is from



I had one. Lode Runner Anyone?

Oh, crimony! I just had a flashback to high school… and college… and Fortran class with IBM punch cards! :open_mouth:

Ok, I guess I’m old. I’ll soon be the same age as Deep Thought’s answer to the Great Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything!

On the other hand, I think I’ve figured out the Question: How old must you be, before you’re finally comfortable in your own skin? 8)

I’ve got one for you in return: Do you remember President Ford, with his “Whip Inflation Now” buttons? :unamused:

Woohoo … I’m young! I’m young … Wheeee … even though the answer to life, the universe and everything was so long ago I can’t remember it! I’ve always hoped I wasn’t old, now it’s been proved … Way hay … Way to go!



I remember Ford’s “Whip Inflation Now” buttons, which useds the acronymy, WIN.

Even better I remember Walt Kelly’s Pogo, who wore the button upside-down, triggering a good deal of Okeefenokee speculation about the meaning of “NIM.”

SO: How many of you remember “I Like Ike,” or “Give 'em Hell Harry?”

You’re not obliged to give yourselves away by answering in public.

Am I the only one around who remembers hearing the news when FDR died?


Nope, 'fraid not Phil, but I still have have a campaign button (I’m looking at it now) that says “The Grin Will Win”. :smiley:

As a starter for ten, who knows what the image on the button is? :question:

“The Grin Will Win” - Wouldn’t that be a “Mr. Peanut” caricature of Jimmy Carter?

I agree with JC. Can’t exactly remember the image, but the idea sounds perfectly mid-Seventies. An example, and the most inocuous one I can call to mind, of the sort of help and advice Carter got. He has to rank – at the personal level – the American President worst-served by his advisors since Grant.

Mind, I think the rest of us have been worst-served by the advisors to Bush43. But Tex Lameduck hisself, he’s been very well served indeed.



What a hoot! :mrgreen: Thanks for that “blast from the past!” I vaguely recalled that button, but the image is even funnier than my memory!

Ok, I’ve tried, honestly I have… but who is FDR?

There’s a line from LOTR (don’t tell me you don’t know what that is) near the end, when most of the resolution is under way. Gandalf is sorting things out, to the confusion of the younger Hobbits, who keep asking him questions. His exasperated comment is – approximate quote – “It’s so tiring to speak to the young. One has to explain so much to them.”

And yes, I acknowledge that if the topic were punk rockers or rappers or contemporary video games, one of you would have to explain a great deal to me.

FDR was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the second US President named Roosevelt. (We like eventually to double up on leaders’ names, you see.) President for four terms, the only one who served more than two. He died at a vacation home, shortly before the end of World War II.


Like Jimmy Carter, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was a decent human being, who seems to have actually cared about all Americans. Unlike the present incumbent(s).
Check out:

Great site, vic! Thanks for the tip!


JC: Well done, I think you win the Golden Peanut!

vic-k: as you probably know, Carter is now described by many as the best ex-President the United States has ever had. Some might say he’s certainly the best ex-failed-President. I bought the button in a shop in Plains, just after shaking hands with the candidate’s Mom, who as I recall was seated in a rocking chair near the train yard greeting all who cared to drop by and say hello.

I think, as others have already stated, elsewhere in the forums, “…he was badly let down by his advisers.” Carter was intrinsically decent, and I felt at the time, that, that decency was the motivation behind all his actions.

I felt truly sorry for him, when he lost to Reagan. I could be talking through my arse, I don``t know, but I can`t look at his face, without feeling, I could trust in him 110%. I guess I just like the guy

I believe you’re right, vic-k. Carter was, is still, a very decent human being. “But are decent human beings the best people to lead us? Discuss…” :wink:

At the height of the Cold War, with US hostages in Iran, Carter was said to be working out the rota for the White House tennis courts (to forestall squabbles between aforesaid advisers). Was that an appropriate activity for the most powerful man in the world?

Whereas FDR of fond memory was a liar and adulterer, Churchill was a drunk and Kennedy - well! Our desire as human beings to be led by people who appear to be saints but are very often necessarily sinners, sometimes of the grossest sort, isn’t something that we have yet resolved. :confused:

I loved Lode Runner. The original Lode Runner. Played it many a long night in college when I should have been studying. Made it one night to level 36. Took hours. Loved it. Miss it… :frowning:

Cometh the hour…cometh the man…?

Nothing of an impeachable nature there, Cock, sorry :wink:

I don`t doubt for a second, that Leonardo took time out from painting La Gioconda, to stand at the window of his studio, and lust mightily after some thrusting young buck in the street below, before redirecting his attention back towards the young lady.

Decent, doesnt infer perfection or infallibility, rather, I suppose, a predisposition to accepting one is gifted with neither, and therefore, any, [i]contemplation of the possible consequences(for all), of our action,[/i] is undertaken in the light of that belief, and is consequently, afforded more, than its due and necessary consideration. After which, any action, subsequently endorsed, is done so, with a preparedness to take full and personal responsibility for it . Something the Spin Doctors and PR Gurus, dont like, I`m sure.

Anyway! what`s wrong with a decent, lying drunken philanderer? :confused:
Do take care

Lode Runner was cutting edge! I was an addict. I thought it was the coolest thing and still it does not get the credit it deserves when people discuss the history of the video game.

ANyone remember the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy in Hypercard?

Anyone beside me own this album?

Being English, I can’t really comment on the American politics in this thread. However, I do feel like responding to the “You know you are old when…” sentiment. Monday is my birthday, at which point I will be officially halfway to becoming a septuagenarian. Two of my teaching assistants have told all of the children in my class that I will be 40, so I keep getting, “Mr Blount! You’re going to be 40!!!” I do not look 40. These grey hairs are merely distinguishing. Grr. I have another bloody five years until I’m 40. I’m still in my 30s. That’s not old, right? Right? Hello?