Your favorite desk lamp

With a 20" display -

I rely on overhead compact fluorescents which provide terrible light and burn out much more often than advertised.

I’d like to remove the over head fixture and rely on one desk lamp. Possible?

Light up any ideas?

I admit to recently becoming obsessed with this issue. I want it to be functional AND look cool. For cheap, Ikea has some good models, including a $20 solar powered one that works well and looks good if you don’t need long hours of bright lighting, as the intensity begins to fade after about 4 hours. but it’s great not having to find another open electical outlet or to buy batteries. I got one for my wife, who seldom needs more than a couple hours of desk lighting. And Ikea has lots of other choices under $100, even under $10.

For expensive ones, you can look at Design Within Reach, but you’ll be paying for real designers’ work, not knockoffs. I like those original Luxo style lamps. I prefer architects’ lamps because they let me throw task lighting in various places where papers might be spread out. And I fancy LEDs because they produce lots of light with less heat and less energy. But I incline toward the newer LEDs, which provide more intensity and a warmer color profile than earlier versions.

I found a great compromise – admittedly pricier than absolutely necessary – with this.

Be sure to look at the new, high powered version; the previous edition seemed a bit dim and the light too blue for my tastes. When it’s not needed for illuminating your desk, you can rotate the top bar so the light projects on the wall, providing ambient lighting. The great thing about this one is that it’s adujstable in several dimensions, with three hinges and rotating joints, so you can beam the light exactly where you need it at any time.

I’m always on the lookout for desk/task lamps so I’d appreciate seeing what others use, cheap or dear.

The Lamp That Dare Not Speak Its Name:

I have one of those!

My wife has thrown away 2 of them. Should I tell her I bought 5?

I really like the feel of a bankers lamp, or a tiffany when I am reading at night. Get up, walk away into the gloom, knowing that a return to the soft warm light is only moments away. This is why I live in a place that makes weathermen and meteorologists cry.

A SunBox DL is my desk lamp of choice. SunBox makes light therapy products to help people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. The DL certainly works for that, but it also makes a really strong task lamp.

“a place that makes weathermen and meteorologists cry.”

Shouldn’t it be ?

a place that makes weathermen weep and meteorologists cry.

Hmmm… yes, that might be better, but what about

It might be more accurate.