your to you're & we're to were

Maybe this started with Mojave, but spell check is weird, now. I have grammar checking turned off:

And here’s Scrivener (or the system?) squiggly-lining “your” and suggesting “you’re”. It also suggests “were” when I have “we’re”. How can this happen?

(I have Grammarly enabled in Chrome, but surely, that can’t be it.)

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 22.30.49.png

Yep, Apple completely screwed up macOS’s spell-checking system in Mojave. Please see this thread:

Unfortunately the spell-checking system is a black box, so there’s no way for me to fix Apple’s code. It’s driving me crazy too. I’ve reported it to them as a bug.

drmajorbob: Pls send your feedback to Apple if you have time. Every voice helps!