YouTube channel for forum related screen shares?

Where do people post videos and screen shares that illustrate the problems and solutions that relate to Scrivener forum topics?

Here, but it takes a few postings before you earned the right to do so…

If you prefer to do it on YouTube, you can easily create your own channel.

Your forum level allows you to paste links. In many cases, the forum will intelligently handle a URL that you paste all by itself on an empty line. You don’t have to use a special command or syntax to embed a video from YouTube. Here’s an example:

So there is no place here on the Scrivener Forums where one can exclusively find user video content?

Doesn’t appear to be a way to filter searches by media (video or photo for instance)!
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Perhaps there is a miscommunication, I was meaning to show how you could share a video on the forum. If you’re asking about where to find where people post videos about Scrivener, I’d suppose going to the major video sites would be the best answer, and searching there. YouTube has a massive trove of Scrivener-related videos, for example.

There is nowhere near enough use of video sharing on the forum to merit adding a dedicated search feature, as you seem to be looking for. This wasn’t even a capability until we switched forum software about a year ago, and I’d wager it’s been used since then about half a dozen times, and mostly for jokes.

Well obviously I have searched these video venues on the web and haven’t found what I am looking for as none of the vids offered here on the forum show up there. So it would be grand if a person using the Scrivener forum could filter by media type.

As I say, you wouldn’t find much, here. Most people post their videos to dedicated video hosting sites, not to our forum.

Circular argument. If there was an easy way to post and to search by media, the amount of media on the forum would merit a search by media facility.

I still think there is a misunderstanding. We do not host any video media here. If there are any references to videos on the forum, it is through hyperlinks to dedicated video hosting sites (such as the above).

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