Youtube embedding possible?

Hi, is there a way to embed youtube source code into scrivener? I read in another post from 3 years ago that someone else also asked about this, but I cannot find anything in Scrivener, so I assume that it was never implanted.

Still, what I am trying to create is an series of tutorials that can include short video clips after having compiled them into maybe some kind of ebook format. Not sure if this is possible though.


Isn’t there just some HTML code you can use for the link? If so, enter the HTML code and apply “Preserve Formatting” to it (from Format > Formatting), then tick “Treat ‘Preserve Formatting’ blocks as raw HTML” in the “HTML Settings” pane of Compile.

Yes, I can use the YouTube embed code, but it doesn’t translate in showing the video after compiling into epub or pdf. Maybe it doesn’t work like that.

It wouldn’t work in PDF - I don’t think it’s possible to embed media files in PDF, is it? It’s a static text format as far as I know. I’m not sure about .epub - maybe it requires v3 format, whereas Scrivener as yet only exports to v2.