Keith, I now this doesn’t belong here, but I wanted it to get through quickly. A month or so ago I recommended Scriv to a friend. He downloaded Gold instead of 1.0. He’s just written me to say he inadvertently deleted a 30000 word file . I told him to retrieve it from Scriv’s trash. He said what trash (that’s when I discovered he was working on Gold). Is there anything he can do?



Hi Tim,

Like you say, this doesn’t belong here, as this part of the forum is for Scrivener 1.x only, so I am moving it to the Scrivener Gold forum - I check all forum areas, so posting it here doesn’t get it answered any more quickly.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure how your friend deleted a file inadvertently in SG, as SG spews a warning asking the user to confirm whenever he or she deletes a file. The warning makes it very explicit that if you choose to continue, the file will be lost permanently. So, if this is what your friend has done, it is not retrievable. This is why I took the route of having a Trash folder in S1 - one extra layer of protection.

I would recommend everyone to upgrade to S1, incidently, as there is no guarantee that SG will play nicely with Leopard. Certainly the current version will not, so it depends if I ever get around to updating SG to work with Leopard, which is obviously low priority compared to S1 (1.02 will work fine with Leopard, provided Leopard doesn’t change radically before its release).


Thanks for the supersonic reply Keith. Sorry to muck up the forum with the misplaced post. My friend immediately downloaded Scrv1 (he thought he had done so already, but I guess not). The only consolation is that he mistyped the word count in his first post. It was 3,000 words, not 30,000! Still a drag, but a big whew as well!

Thanks again, bro.


Perhaps a gently worded reminder to your friend, Tim, on the subject of the glories of backup might be in order.



Thanks, dafu. I’m afraid I wasn’t that gentle (but he’s a good pal, and 3K is a lot less than 30). Probably a cheap price to pay if the lesson is learned.
Me, I’m a compulsive backer upperer.