ZEN: Learning Scrivener using "Project Notes"

Within the Windows forum, there’s no “Zen of Scrivener” section, however as there might well be lots of Windows users (like me) who are excited about learning to use this software quickly and effectively, I’ll post a small idea I’ve had.

Basically, I’ve found it helpful to use the “Project Notes” section as a sort of personal Scrivener tutorial. Because Project Notes is easily available no matter where you are, and can be easily edited, you can put any information you need there as you learn how to perform advanced tasks (or memorize keypad commands).

Of course, if you actually use “Project Notes” for the project itself, this won’t work. But if you’re like me, your project notes are always split into “setting” and “character” and “theoretical” pages etc. (ie. it can’t go all in one unwieldy document), so Project Notes is really the best place to keep notes on how to use Scrivener itself.

Long story short, if there are forum threads I’m following (or want to refer back to), I paste the link (which avoids cross-referencing with browsers or other documents). If there’s a command I use often and want to memorize, I paste the command and what it does.

Sorry if I should have posted this in “Zen” or elsewhere; you can move it if you’d like.