"Zip Compression Option"

When I drag and drop my Scrivener files into Dropbox (Apps/Scrivener) as suggested, the automatically zip. Amber mentions a Zip Compression option that I obviously have to turn off. Where is it? On Dropbox I assume but can’t find?

Are you doing the drag/drop inside Finder and nowhere else? From one folder in Finder to another folder in Finder?

I’m dragging the file from my Scrivener folder inside my Dropbox folder on the Macbook to the Scrivener folder inside the Apps folder on Dropbox. Make sense?

Are you dragging the files from one folder within Finder to another folder within Finder? Or are you dragging it somewhere else?

It sounds as if you are dragging from Finder to the Dropbox app.

Yes I’m dragging it from the Dropbox folder in the Finder (which is in /Users /David Blistein onto the online Dropbox app. Am I missing something obvious? (Wouldn’t surprise me…)

Yes, you are missing the obvious that you should drag it from its current location in Finder to another folder in Finder! :slight_smile:

“Dropbox” is just another folder on your computer, which is visible and accessible in Finder. Forget about the Dropbox app. It has nothing to do with this (although it takes care of the syncing, later on, but then you don’t have to bother with that).

Gee, now I am feeling dumb! I am dragging it from Finder Macbook onto here on Dropbox.com (see pic). Where am I supposed to drop it? Doesn’t it have to be online for my iPad to see it???

You drag it into your Dropbox folder, in Finder, on your Mac. Don’t go online, don’t touch the Dropbox app. Just stay inside Finder! :slight_smile:

You could look at Megan’s nice instructions:


Thanks! Will do.