Zoom and Fixed Width Editor working together.

I am loving the beta so far. As someone with ADD the look and usability of something has an incredible effect on my focus, determining whether I continue to use it, and at this point, I don’t think I could survive going back to Word or Google Docs with all my story information scattered to the four winds.
One thing that I really enjoy about the beta is the Fixed Width Editor. As part of my focus, I love using an editor that I can stylize to standard industry Characters Per Line (CPL), font size, and style. Recently for work, I included a larger monitor in my multiple screen set up on my personal computer. Because of long hours or the project I am working on, I often switch programs between the screens for easier use and focus. However, when doing this, because of the difference in size of the screens, the text appears smaller on the large screen when formatted on the smaller screen.
I am no programmer so I don’t know if this is a simple ask that would fit with the developer’s vision, but I would really appreciate a feature to zoom the text editor and still keel the same CPL, font size, and style, instead of having to reformat every time I switch between screens, much the way zooming into a document in Word or Google does.
I know that Scrivener isn’t trying to be Word or Google, and I’m sure that given enough time I can figure out how to bypass this issue, but I thought I would add it to the wishlist just in case.