Zoom in Corkboard View

Hi all:

I’m a newbie to Scrivener and propose to use it for writing history - the academic variety rather than historical fiction. OK I know, the cultural studies brigade regard all historical writing as fiction, but we’ll save that for another thread.

I have a number of photographs of archive docs which I import to the corkboard as jpgs. At present I have the synopsis panel for a summary, but is it possible to zoom in to the individual jpg to see the text more clearly? When writing history it’s often useful to scan the individual doc for quotes.

If it isn’t, then it’s one feature I would really, really like to see, especially if Bookends linking will be a feature of the next release.

If you just select one of your jpegs in the binder, it will open in the editing pane. If you then double-click on the image, an image editor HUD will appear with a zoom control.


Hi Tacitus! It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I’ve refrained from revealing my love of Hayden White’s work before this forum’s faculty of history professionals, but if you ever decide to open that other thread, I’d be happy to chat.

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