Zoom issues

I’m Using version 1.0 and I’m having some issues with the zoom feature. It happens in fullscreen and scrivenings mode for me. If I try to zoom in, it only applies the zoom to certain parts of the selected text.

It’s pretty easy to fix, I just save my work and then restart Scrivener - when it comes back up all of the text is the right size - just wanted to point this bug out as I couldn’t find any topics directly related to Zoom. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I do already have this logged for Scrivenings mode and Lee is working on it. Are you seeing this in full screen as well when viewing a single document (rather than viewing multiple Scrivenings while in FS)? If so, what’s the word count of the document, and does it have any special formatting or a lot of mixed formatting (different alignments, font sizes, etc.)? Does it happen when you change the zoom via the control panel at the bottom of the full screen view or only when changing the zoom with the mouse wheel?

It doesn’t seem to happen with a single doc in fullscreen mode (I tried with both a 127 word and a 1090 word doc).

So basically it only happens in Scrivenings mode (full screen and normal Scrivenings mode) and I get it with both the mousewheel and the text scale button. I haven’t used any special formatting and the word count for Scrivenings mode stands at just over 6000 words.

Okay, thanks for checking. Lee’s working on this.