Zoom Shuts Quick-Ref Window

Just noticed this. When I open a Quick-Ref window and try to Zoom (Command-Greater Than symbol, sorry, don’t know the technical term for it), Scrivener OS (3.3.6/16305) instantly shuts the window. Nothing is lost and the app doesn’t crash. However, if I go to Menu>View>Zoom In and click it (as many times as necessary) then Zoom works fine and the window stays open. [Note: By Zoom I mean magnifying text, not increasing font size.]

Hi Hotspur71. Which macOS version are you using when this happens?

Also, are you using any third-party tools like BetterTouchTool, Keyboard Maestro, or similar that might be altering how some keyboard commands behave?

Or, have you added custom keyboard commands to your macOS?

Those details could be helpful as we try to reproduce this.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. In answer to your questions, I’m on OS 14.2.1. I don’t have KB Maestro or anything like that, and I’m very sure I don’t have a custom keyboard shortcut set for Cmd->.

I’m on macOS 14.4.1, and it’s having similar behaviors. I’ll ask @AmberV to review this an possibly add it to the bug report.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Is there anything special I should be doing other than this, to see it?

  1. I open a copy of the interactive tutorial.
  2. Click on the “START HERE” item in the binder.
  3. Press Spacebar to load it in QuickRef.
  4. Press ⇧⌘> several times.

The text just zooms in for me, and the “View” menu flashes to indicate a command within it is being triggered.

(Also, does ⇧⌘< to zoom out work normally?)

I was pressing ⌘+> in the QR panel to zoom, which promptly closed it. That’s the command listed with the default View > Zoom > Zoom In menu command.

If I add the Shift key to the command, no zooming occurs.

And no, the ⌘+< doesn’t zoom out of or close the QR panel on my Mac. Instead, it opens the Settings in Scrivener.

Oh, that would explain it, as pressing and the >. key all by itself would be ⌘. since the shift key is necessary to access the > symbol (at least on most English keyboards). And ⌘, (or that key without Shift to make it <) would indeed open Settings.

The ⌘. shortcut is a very old Mac (pre-Mac OS X) shortcut that is equivalent to Ctrl+C on Windows and Linux: it’s a halt, break or cancel function. So I suspect here that the type of window QR panels use is designed to “cancel” in that fashion.