Zoomed PDFs in Bookmarks (Inspector) won't stay centred

I’m a new user of Scrivener and very much enjoy the app.
One small, but increasingly frustrating problem that messes up my workflow is how any pdf shown under bookmarks in the inspector will scroll to the left side every time you revisit the pdf. This is especially a big problem in the inspector, because you normally work with small windows here and need the zoom function. Here is a GIF showing the problem:

Please help find a solution or fix this in the next update.
I can’t imagine I’m the only one bothered by this.

No thoughts on this? Anyone?

Not an L&L employee so can’t speak to the likelihood of an update…

But as an interim workaround, have you tried opening the PDF in a quick reference panel or in a copyholder pane as opposed to viewing it in the Inspector? I tried right-clicking on a PDF in my bookmarks list and found a bunch of different ways to display PDF docs.

Hope this helps.

It appears this exact thing happens also when viewing PDFs in the editor and as a copyholder. I first thought it was just in the inspector, but now it turns out it is a widespread problem. The only way to view a PDF without encountering this problem is when using quick reference.
I hope the developers will look at this. Viewing PDFs while writing is a big part of Scrivener. Since the zoom level you choose for a PDF remains, it should be possible to make the position also remain the same when you return to it.