Zooming In/Out of PDFs & JPGs

Good day,

I no longer seem to be able to right click on a pdf or a photo and zoom in, out, or fit it to the available space.

When I right click over the image I get no menu at all.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Ray

Are you getting any error messages in the system console when you right-click? Normally a plug-in conflict will just crash the program, but maybe something less nefarious is going on here. Console can be loaded from the Applications/Utilities folder.

Also you mention it no longer works, I assume that means you’ve upgrade something recently, can you think of anything that might have changed on the system?

I get no error message at all, I just fail to get any kind of menu when I right click. I’m running 2.5 and have been since it came out. This problem does not seem to be related to installing an update because sometimes it works (usually when I first boot up for several minutes) and then it just stops!

I would try logging out, then log back in holding down the shift key as soon as you click the login button or press Return. Keep it held down until you’re fully logged in (which should take shorter than you are used to most likely). This stops third-party tools from launching in the background. See if that causes the problem to go away. If it does, then go through your account’s startup items one by one (you can double-click on them in the list to launch them), testing Scrivener in between each launch until you find the one that breaks it.

If disabling start-up programs didn’t work, there are other things to try. The problem is, we don’t “own” the contextual menu. We can put Scrivener specific stuff in it, but the operating system adds stuff to it as well, and furthermore the OS has hooks that allow just any program to add stuff to all menus.

Ray, are you using BetterTouchTool by any chance? I was having the same problem and discovered that BTT was the culprit. Although I haven’t quite gotten to the bottom of the issue, I have found that simply using BTT’s setting to “Disable BTT for Current App” on Scrivener solves the problem. Kind of a shame because I’ve gotten used to all the trackpad shortcuts!

EDIT: I’ve discovered the problem. I had BTT set to control pinch to zoom in Global Settings (because Mavericks is so inconsistent). I removed those settings and everything was back to normal.

Interesting, but I am not using BTT. I am using BetterSnapTool, however. Also, I’ve discovered that it actually is working now for PDF (the contextual menu one gets when right clicking), but not for JPGs. Weird.

Did you try turning off BetterSnapTool? Also, you might try adding Scrivener to your accessibility settings. On 10.9, that’s in System Preferences->Security & Privacy->Privacy->Accessibility. Just unlock System Preferences if necessary, drag the Scrivener app into the window, and tick the little radio box next to Scrivener. I can’t remember how this works exactly in previous versions of OSX. That Accessibility has its own preference pane is about all I remember!