Zooming on non-text documents in windows


I recently wrote about missing functionality for zooming in documents in Scrivener for Windows(twice!), and didn’t receive a reply, so I’m writing here to ask about it.

I’ve been using Scrivener for a while now, and I’ve recently bought it, but there’s a quirk that’s been bothering me. In the text editor, you are able to zoom in and out of the text using the trackpad with a pinch, or with a mouse and keyboard with Ctrl and the scroll wheel. This is consistent with other text editors and software, and is how I usually navigate in most software environments. However, when viewing files such as images or PDFs, these options are not available. I know that there are other shortcuts to zoom, Ctrl – and Ctrl =, but these are kind of inconsistent and inconvenient.

I think that these gestures should be implemented universally in Scrivener, to give a consistent user experience(it certainly would make my life a whole lot easier). It is interruptive to my flow state to have to navigate to two layers of menus or to have to change my mussel memory to change to zoom of a document for reference.

I am currently on the latest version of Scrivener for Windows, .

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If you right click on a picture or pdf (menus slightly different) you can zoom in on both and then click to automatically go back to the actual size. Have Windows and version 3.14 and works on both pictures and pdf, not as smooth as text but can do for both.

Sorry also the Ctrl+ + or Ctrl+ - keyboard commands enlarge images or PDF’s as well.

I know, but it would be nice if the gesture and the ctrl+scroll shortcut could work as well. These features work in the text editor, and I have mussel memory built around these ways of zooming. Having to navigate through menus to zoom slows down my workflow, especially when working with large amounts of pdfs and images. These ways of zooming are universal for most apps, and it is kind of counter-intuitive to include them partially and not for all the viewers.

One other trick is to double click on image and get a tool where can slide zoom in and out as well as other tools.