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Hi, I am (not) using It won’t open my .scrivx files. It gives me a message saying that it was created by a newer version of Scrivener and that I should update to open it. But then the update tells me that I am up to date, and that there are now newer versions available. This has been a problem for around two weeks now. I have emailed L&L, but had no replies. Any advice? Thanks, Matt

Had you previously installed the Win Scrivener 3 beta?

If so, your projects have probably been updated to the new format, which Scrivener 1.9 can’t open.

You can download the latest version of the beta here:


Hi Katherine,

Thanks for the reply. I’m actually not sure. I know how stupid that sounds. It’s just that I had a major computer crash and had to reinstall, and am not absolutely certain what’s what beyond the fact that I always update as Scrivener suggests. Certainly the current version of Scrivener looks odd to me, strangely old-fashioned. It isn’t what it was, shall we say. It was also working fine up to Halloween. I didn’t open Scrivener that specific day. When I went back on Nov. 1st, that’s when everything seemed to have changed. But I’m at a loss to say what that change is, except it kept demanding updates but then failed to do so. I went to L&L and reinstalled the latest version as you’d get if you were purchasing for the first time, then it offered an update a few days later, which I took. Is there a simple of way of working out which version the file was saved under? Or would it be simpler to follow the link you provided and just update to the 3.0 beta version? Would that definitely open the file however it is saved (provided, of course, that the file itself isn’t corrupted in any way)?

Thanks and best,


Yes, the beta will definitely be able to open both the older and newer formats. If the project is actually in the old format, the beta will make a backup before updating to the new format.

When you reinstalled Scrivener, did you also have to restore your data from a backup? If so, make sure you have the entire .scriv folder, not just the .scrivx file.


Hi Katherine,

Thanks for your help. It worked. I’m back in action.

Much appreciated.


Matt :smiley:

I purchased the program several years ago and am not sure how I wound up downloading the beta as an update, but I did. I have gone through two beta trials & it never gives me the option to enter my serial number. I just want to be able to update to the latest version (not beta) and write without having to worry when the trial will end on the beta again.
If someone can help, please do!