10 years later, still no freeform corkboard for Windows?

In a quick forum search, I’m seeing posts that date back to 2011 asking when Freeform Corkboard will be added to the Windows product. The answers are usually some version of “relax, it’s coming soon.”

Folks, it’s TEN YEARS LATER. Are you ever going to add this feature? I understand when a software product is developed on a primary platform that is a year or so ahead of other versions, but a DECADE?

Thanks for any updates you can offer.

It’s available, you just need to be using the latest release candidate.

Thanks, Daniela -

Can you clarify what “the latest release candidate” means? I’m on what I understand to be the latest version of Scrivener: v1.9.16.0. When I check for updates, it tells me “Scrivener is all up to date.”

Please let me know - thanks for your help!

If you go to this link you will notice that Scrivener has been releasing Beta versions of the next update. Now that it is in Release Candidate mode, that means it’s nearly ready and has been quite stable for some time.

[url]Scrivener 3.0 Beta - Release Candidate 10 (Download Links & Change List)]

So whilst the latest actual version is, the latest RC Version is whatever is listed in that link.

It’s free to download and if you follow the steps listed you can run both versions side-by-side.

Awesome - just got it, thanks!

It says it will expire on March 20. How does one “keep it alive” after that? Or will there be another beta release before then?

Thanks again to you and Daniela!

Make sure you are following the Windows Beta forum if you are running the Windows Beta — this question, and many others, are answered there, and that is where all Beta-related discussion needs to be so that your fellow users and the developers can see and answer the questions in a more timely fashion.

Noted - thanks!

UPDATE: rather than spending time/energy tracking future Scrivener release schedules, I bought Scapple, imported a corkboard image as a background, and for 18 bucks I have the solution I needed! :smiley:


Scapple is an excellent application and a bargain. I use it for making mindmaps, timelines, to-do lists, and as a general catchall notepad.

If you need a freeform environment to write longer notes, give Microsoft OneNote a look. I think the program is free, or it might have been bundled with my version MS Office.



I use the free Freeplane mindmapping software for my, well, mindmapping needs.

Add images or whatever you choose.

Able to be imported into Scrivener with the same ease.

Available for Windows, Mac or Linux and is free and is updated on a regular basis.


No affiliation, just a lazy bugger who likes free stuff!!! 8)

Of course, your mileage may vary ¯_(ツ)_/¯