3 windows for editing

I have a 27" iMac and would like to be able to split the editing window into three pages.

Currently the max split is two, and it works very well, but three would really help and could be accommodated comfortably on larger screens.

Use a resized Quick Reference window for the third pane?

I can get this to work, but it’s not as easy as having a built-in function for three windows.

To use quick reference: press spacebar on any document. You can then position and resize the document to view it.

Keith has hinted at more than one editor split (in other words, at least 3 editors) for Scrivener version 3. The release might be later this year, after the iOS release has settled a bit.

That’s encouraging - let’s hope so.

I suppose that no sooner has v. 3 been released—or perhaps just before it’s been released—than a certain individual will be demanding 4 windows!


To be honest, the optimal number of editing windows is 64.8 - but I’ll live with three.

I always thought that the answer was 42 for everything!



It’s only really the answer to “What do you get when you multiply nine by six?”

Realistically, if 42 were the answer to everything, nothing would make sense.
-“What’s the capital of New Jersey?”

-“What color is an eggplant?”

Maybe one could use the multitude of editing windows in Scrivener Go? You’d have to walk to get to the correct window. :smiley:

Editing would become a pretty good work out, if you could build some muscle resistance into the VR suit.