Feature request: three windows

Yup, as noted there is a default zoom level, and unless you change that, one would indeed have to micromanage various areas of Scrivener’s text display. That should probably have been the thread title.

As to this feature request, it’s worth noting that the OP opens an identical new wish request for this, every other year or so:

So, we’re on #4 of this same conversation! Ahem. Whether there is anything more to be said of substance on that matter itself is probably debatable, as numerous techniques and methods have been shared over the years (sometimes multiple times because of how many threads there are).

To refresh, there was an in-depth answer given, on why Scrivener is a two-pane editor and that this is a deliberate design decision, that adding a third pane would break, turning it into another kind of software. I should think that would clear up the matter of whether this will ever change. Copyholders were added to address this fundamental desire, without breaking that two-pane model.

I just wanted mention that, as a friendly warning to anyone coming along, that most of anything one might think to say about alternative workflows has been said already. :slight_smile: