Editor windows x 3 please

I bought S3 imagining there to be three editing windows, as opposed to just two in S2. But apparently this is not the case.

The copyholder function does not do what I need.

Please look at implementing three editing windows.


One possible work around is to supplement the split editor with a Quick Reference panel. I’m sure you could resize the Binder and Inspector (or hide them) and then select the Float Quick Reference Panels option to have all three documents side by side.

The copyholder panes are for precisely this purpose - in what way don’t they do what you need? They can show and edit any document just like the main editors; the only limitation is that they do not have corkboard, outliner or scrivenings mode, which would make no sense because of the interaction between the two editors (there is no way to have any such sensible interaction between four editors).

Kinsey - copyholders do everything that QR panels do.

I will not be looking at adding more than two editors because I already have, and copyholders were the result. You can already have four documents open in the window using them (five, if you use the Bookmarks pane in the inspector).

Thanks Keith, I didn’t know that. I use the new Dual Navigation layout all the time, and love it, but hadn’t explored the copyholder function before :blush: . Just had a quick look, and it looks equally excellent. Still much to learn about Scriv3!

Follow up question (and I hope I’m not derailing the OP’s thread): if I have two documents open in split editor, how do I open a third in a copyholder without changing the focus in the current editor? Or is it the case that the usage scenario envisaged is that I am supposed to open a second instance of the document I’m working on in the copyholder, and then use the binder to navigate the upper window/editor to the third?

I ask because somebody once gave me a tip here that to open a Quick Reference panel without changing editor focus, I could drag the document on top of the Quick Ref icon in the toolbar. Just wondering if something similar is possible with Copyholders.

Yup! It has pretty much the same technique: with the Option key held down, drag and drop the file from wherever (binder, bookmark list, snapshot list, corkboard, other header bar icon, same header bar icon, Quick Search result list…) into the header bar of the split you want to open a Copyholder on.

And if you like Dual Navigation, you may also like how that button in the outliner/corkboard footer bar works with Copyholders in the same pane. You can have clicks on the corkboard automatically loaded in its Copyholder instead of the other editor. Just click the button repeatedly to toggle between modes.

Brilliant, thanks Ioa. Have just opened up Chapter 8.1.5 of the manual to learn more about Copyholders, and thanks for the tip re using them in the Dual Navigation pane. The variety of workflows that Scriv3 provides is incredible.

Glad to hear that’s working well.

I forgot to mention that I also have a custom keyboard shortcut on Navigate ▸ Open ▸ in Copyholder (⇧⌥⌘O, coopted from Navigate ▸ Open ▸ With All Subdocuments as Flat List ▸ on Editor Corkboard, which I don’t think I’ve ever used in my life outside of testing!). That command is activated whenever what you are viewing or have selected within the editor is a valid thing to load in the copyholder. For example:

  • Selected row or card in outliner/corkboard.
  • To isolate a section of text from a current Scrivenings session.

Nice, thanks!