7 full days left... who's still in?

I’ve been a day behind on my word count all month, but I finally caught up last night. Now I only have to keep the pace and I’ll meet my goal! For me I think an outline really has helped. I am exactly where I would like to be, about 75 percent done and just beginning to work up to my second act finale (I’m using a three act structure).

I only finished my first book a few months ago, and I am amazed and thrilled to see a book develop so quickly (I’m shooting for a 75,000 word first draft and I’m 56,000 words in). The pace has been brutal, but I am feeling pretty good right about now.

BTW, I’m going to get a Scrivener tattoo. I LOVE this software!

I’m in. It’s a mess, but you know, that’s what happens when you focus almost exclusively on word count. I’m at 36,865, so right around the target for this point in the month.

If I keep plugging away I’ll be successful at fulfilling my goals for the 3rd year in a row.

Long live Nano.

Long live Scrivener!


I won’t make it, I’m still at 16k-something. Unfortunately, my RA kicked in pretty good and that combined with other health-issues I have to deal with (which take up most of time and energy), I haven’t had the energy to write as much as I wanted. One hour of writing gives me pain. Half an hour too.

It’s much easier to chat or type forum-posts, because with writing, once I get ‘in the zone’ I get really fanatic and that hurts my body :frowning: I’ve tried to not do it, but that prevents me getting into ‘the zone’ so then I don’t write at all :frowning:
Still trying to figure this out, so maybe this year was just not a good year for Nano.

I am damn proud of those nearly 17k words I did write though. If I make it to 20k (or maybe I can push it to 25k still!), I consider myself a winner anyhow :wink:


I’m loving Scrivener. Gotta be the best way to just sit down and write a lot of words at each sitting. I did not hear about Nanowrimo until very late on the night of Oct. 29th, so there was no time to put together outline, timeline, dramatis personae, all of that good stuff. So I just set out to write it as it came to me and let it unfold, or not…

I’m going to sleep tonight with 48,500 and change. So I intend to get over my 50,000 tomorrow.

The burning question then becomes:

How the Heck do I get all of those words into the little counter box at Nanowrimo? I understand that the counter box does not start working until sometime on Tuesday. I’m in NC, but am traveling to Dublin, leaving Tuesday afternoon, and not back until Dec. 1st. So I’ll only have a very limited amount of time to get the words uploaded. Not planning on taking my rather large Mac desktop in my suitcase. No no no, I won’t.

My “Can I write it?” anxiety is being replaced by “Can I upload it?” anxiety. Any simple directions available for getting to “Mission Accomplished.”?


It depends slightly how you set things up, but basically:
Step 1.

  • select your files with the actual novel-text in the binder (all of them)
  • click ‘Edit Scrivening’ (icon with the book and pen) or press ⌥⌘4 (or click 'View -> Edit scrivenings -> Selection

Alternative step 1.

  • click File -> Export Draft
  • select Export format: plain txt
  • click Export…
  • save
  • open file in text editor

Step 2.

  • select all with ⌘A
  • copy paste into validator

You can manually update your wordcount by logging in, and typing in the number at the topright. However, for validating-purposes, you can also copy-past the above into an email to yourself or upload the txt-file to a website so you can validate from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

Hope this helps.


If youve given of your [i]best[/i], then, not only are you a winner, youre also a Star! :wink:
Take care

I’ve reached the official goal, but I’m not done yet. My original personal goal was to write a complete tale this year, as opposed to a 3/4 finish that just happens to be 50,000+ words long. So I have this week to tie up all of the loose plot strings, then things should be golden!

I’m still in, but at 19,180 words, I see that I will fall short unless we add another week to November. But the most valuable part of Nano, and the part I’m having trouble accepting, is quantity vs. quality. My inner critic, despite Chris’s offer to kennel him for a month, is a ferocious and mouthy thing.

I’m out. Not due to Scrivener, no way. But for some weird reason, my sister-in-law decided that November just was the month where she had to, hmm, “communicate” the most … like, “do you still have some butter left?” or “I bought this table, could you assemble it?” and the like …

Bummer. :frowning:


Thats a cop-out!! Ive got no time for those who blame all of lifes illsnwoes on their in-laws. tch! tch! Shameful :open_mouth:

Do post a photo. Others are definitely going to want this.


Obviously, you have never met my sister-in-law. :smiley:


Yeah!.. but me and in laws go back a looooong loooong way!

You think you`ve got it bad, jeeezz!!!

I crossed the finish line just a couple of hours ago.

It’s rambling, but it’s a story. Ask me in 6 months if it’s worth editing :slight_smile:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks, that made my day. :smiley:



You`re welcome :laughing:

Theyre not really that bad...but jeezzz!!...if y cant slag off yre in-laws …who can y`? :open_mouth:
Take care

there is always this vic-k guy. Wock might be a good substitute too…

Hi vic-k


I have been gone for 5 days and this is all you have? Come on. Snort is disappointed.

When girded with the strength of ones convictions, as I am, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, juxtaposed to the sniping and baiting; the scurrilous dissemination of half-truths and innuendo neither tax nor tire me. They run off me like beer running down wock`s gullet.

So, to reiterate my previous sentiments: [size=50]pffferrttt!![/size]
Do take care