A couple of questions

I got the Windows version a while back and been looking forward GREATLY to the final release of 3.0, but i suffer from frequent migraines and I find ‘dark mode’ actually helps greatly to keep me ‘working’. (Why is it called work when it’s actually fun? Haha!) I have switched everything I possibly can to dark mode and it has helped tremendously. I understand the beta version of 3.0 has a dark mode, right? If I were to start using the beta version is there anything I should know? Will it affect my files? I have three HUGE books as projects (over 300k words each) and a new fourth one I just started. Will switching to the beta version give me any issues? Or should I wait and hope for a release soon? I’ve just been very concerned about the release dates changing and keep checking and watching for it. There are things in there I really could use. But I just don’t want to risk breaking the projects. Of course, I know and will make a backup to save them before risking anything but still… I would hate to start using the beta and find a problem and have to go back and end up losing what I’ve done since the switch. I guess my biggest question is, is there any reason why I should WAIT to switch to the beta? Any reason why I should NOT be using it yet? Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Naturally, I can only speak from my own experience, but I’ve been working in the beta since it first came out (backing up to 1.9, of course, for peace of mind) and have experienced no work-hindering problems at all. A couple of minor hiccups with exporting to Markdown and I think some people have some difficulties compiling (I don’t use this feature ATM, so can’t be specific there), but certainly nothing I’ve found to disrupt actual writing. Some of my projects are also upwards of 300k, so I don’t think the project size should cause you any trouble.

I haven’t tried out Dark Mode in the beta yet, so can’t comment on that (sorry!), but speaking solely from my experience, using the beta as my main version of Scrivener at this point and the ‘official’ version for backups only, I definitely see no reason not to dive in and give the beta a try!

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hmm… I do use compile, mostly for exporting to Word for proofreading and all once I’m close to being ‘finished’ (so to speak). I’ll read up on what folks are saying about that, but thank you for the reply! I might risk taking the plunge. :smiley:

My understanding is that the beta doesn’t have an “export to v2” feature yet. So I’m curious, how exactly do you do that?

I would recommend you read through a few pages of posts in the beta forum to see what types of issues people are experiencing now. Also, have a look at the the recent changes list from L&L. [url]Scrivener 3.0 Beta - Release Candidate 10 (Download Links & Change List)]

It’s a beta, so things aren’t going to work. Unexpected things will happen. It’s very unlikely you will lose data, but it’s possible.

How easily are you distracted? I’m not using the beta myself because I would be too distracted by issues and find myself testing stuff and not writing.

The other thing is, my understanding is that there is currently no way to export from the beta back to 1.9, short of copying your changes by hand. (Unless you happen to know someone with a Mac.) With a 900 page novel in progress, that’s a biggie for me.


I just installed it, and what I did was install it in a separate location and I made copies of my work and opened the copies in the beta. I don’t know how well this will work, but I’m not opening my big books in there yet, just in case. Just the new little one.

Just the old-fashioned way, I’m afraid – copy-paste the session’s work from my beta project to my 1.9 backup one. If there’s a more efficient method, I’m afraid I don’t know it. Sorry!

Also, another question… Okay, so I bought Scrivener 1 for windows last November. I have the serial number saved. I was going to put it in the beta, but I only see a link to purchase. Is there any way to put in keys yet? Or is this not yet implemented?

That depends. The creators/owners have stated that if you purchased Scrivener at the beginning of a certain day from here or through an authorized retailer then you should be eligible for a free upgrade. Link here with all its info >> literatureandlatte.com/intr … crivener-3

As for the product key. That hasn’t been implements yet as its in beta mode and has been coded with a sunset date of experation.

Thanks for responding! Yeah, I went back and looked at my email from L&L at purchase and it says:

So I am assuming that is still valid. :slight_smile:

Just gonna have to wait to register it at final release I guess.

So far enjoying 3.0 though. Am still very glad I could keep both versions for now.