A kitten for Fluff.

He wants his mommy!
(The kitten, not the nakkid guy behind it*).

[size=85]*I think it’s a guy. I tried to zoom but couldn’t tell. I even inspected the shadow on the shower wall and still couldn’t tell. Anyway it’s the kitten that matters. [/size]

aawww blesss :smiley:

I am appalled that I actually tired to figure out the potential gender. I suggest that the amount of what appears to be hair on the legs and arms increase the likelihood of an Y chromosome is involved.

In the greater scheme of things, it has been known for cats to have hairy limbs.

I wonder if you’re discussing the kitten’s gender or the human’s gender. :open_mouth:

The guy’s arms and legs are as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The only thing that looks remotely like non-feline hair/fur, is the water splashes on the glass. Jaysen never looks at, or listens to, anything properly. That’s why he’s always answering questions that haven’t been asked. tch! tch! It really Is hard work with him sometimes.

Thank you for the lovely picture Cady.

It is called prescience. Remember that when it all starts to make sense.

Not sure which is more worrisome: that you said it, or that you might be right.


Worrisome? Don’t you mean scary!!?

What I meant was blood-curdle spine-chill brain-rattle terrifying, but I didn’t want to upset the poor little kittycat.

I have just bought a new TV for my cat. I learnt about a fortnight ago that cat’s brains process visual information faster than humans, so the 50hz of a normal TV just shows up as a random mess of light to them.

So I bought a new 100hz TV so that cat can figure out why I’ve been staring at that silly light box for the past 9 years (I have been assured that 100hz will do the job).

In the interest of accuracy, I should point out that it’s actually my neighbour’s cat.

For all I know, they already have a 100hz TV, and the ‘meow’ the cat says everytime she comes in doesn’t mean “Hey”, but “Dude, your TV’s still broken.”

Hi, pigfender. :smiley: It’s extremely nice of you to be so considerate to your neighbor’s cat!
But, see. I suspect that cats are far too smart to watch TV. That “meow” might have been, “Dude, watcha doing, like, staring at that dumb box again?” (Standard Clichéd California Cattish), or “Turn off the bloody telly, mate!” (Hackneyed Brit Cattish). But, hey. It was nice of you to try!

…And to Fluff: Yay! I’m glad you liked the kitten. :smiley:

…And to Jaysen: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

…And to PJS: “blood-curdle spine-chill brain-rattle terrifying” ?! You made the kitty cry :frowning:

Careful Caddy, the human, Sheenan (PJS), will take that as a compliment, and see it as encouragement to do worse. :frowning: Exercise caution in your dealings with certain elements of Scriv’s crew. :open_mouth:

Oh! Only now do I see my folly, Fluff. :frowning: I would have deleted this thread in its entirety – or, better yet, this forum in its entirety – to protect the feline race! But it’s all futile now. Sheenan must already have seen it. But in my future dealings with the inmates – um, crew – I shall give your cautionary note the gravest consideration!

Check back. You will note that my original description was “worrisome.” It was the fiendish human to whom Fluff turns for solace, food, shelter, and access to a computer who introduced “scary.”

I suggest, that in pursuit of your own well-being, you modify your approach, and give all such ostensibly cautionary notes their condign treatment. Which is to say, not gravest consideration, but grave committal.


ps is mad at me. :cry: :cry: :cry:

I think it would be more accurate as

Cady, dear child,
pay no heed to the outpourings of the curmudgeonly, scribbling old Thesp. And besides, unless he has drink taken, he’s mad at the world in general, not just you. :wink:

Hah! Bumbug! You think I need alcoholic stimulation to be mad?
(I mean, at the world.)

On the other hand – and there’s always another hand…

… was not only accurate, it was quite the nicest thing anyone’s said about me since, oh, since about an hour ago, when LadyOfTheHouse left for work. I don’t remember exactly what it was she said, but I console myself that it was veryvery nice.