Ability to see folder/file names in Scrivenings

Mac has this feature:

Format > Options > Show Titles in Scrivenings.

When can Windows get it?

I second this. For works that use the titles as headings, this missing feature causes quite a bit of pain because you cannot see the text of the document in context.

Lit & Lat has already announced that the next major version will bring feature parity between the Mac and Win versions. So, you can trade your dreams for anticipations.

I did not know the feature parity was coming. Great news, thank you.

I am a new Windows user of Scrivener and desperately need the “show titles /file names within Scrivenings” functionality. I see there is discussion here of it being included in the next major update. Is it correct that this is not yet available, but may be coming shortly? Thanks!

The next version (which will bring feature parity with the Mac, so it’s going to be called Version 3) is currently in early public beta, so if you want to try it out to see what will be available, download it and try. The usual warnings apply — don’t use it for production work yet.

Download it from here: [url]Scrivener 3.0 Beta - Release Candidate 10 (Download Links & Change List)]

There is no fixed date for final release yet.