About Scrivener 3

Dear Mac Scrivener users:

Please read and bookmark the ongoing series of blog posts regarding changes in Scrivener 3. (literatureandlatte.com/blog/) Especially the ones about features you use often (like Compile). There will be a test later.

Thank you,

Your friendly Scrivener Support Team

Chomping at the bit, as they say, for Scrivener 3. Can’t wait for an update or a release date. I’m trying to tame my inner beast. :laughing:

I’ve read all the blogs and I must say I’m really stoked, but I’m curious are these being sent out in the newsletter? If so, I haven’t been getting them. In fact, come to think of it I haven’t received a newsletter in a long time.

Mods - could you please move this topic to the Feedback forum? I cannot ever use Scriv3 because I won’t upgrade past Mavericks, so it’s offensive to me to have to read this kind of post here.

By the way, I’m perfectly happy with Scriv2, so what I don’t know I can’t miss.

Thank you.

Oh ScriverTid, you are very likely to get an F in the exam with that attitude… :stuck_out_tongue:

Taking offense is a choice as much as not upgrading.

I cannot wait for Scrivener 3! I’m all googly.

Reminder that an edit after the fact can remove ill-considered forum comments from the permanent record, until somebody quotes 'em. I’ve done this to a few of my own on occasion, edited not to improve the wording but to redact the dumbth. We’ve all been there. Just consider it part of the writing process.

Not only do I not consider my remark “ill-considered”, I repeat my original request.

Requests for and slavering in anticipation about Scrivener 3 are NOT Technical Support, and therefore properly belong in Feedback, not here.

Yeah, maybe; I put my inquiry about a Scriv 3 feature into Feedback. But as a matter over which to take offense, it’s a bit odd, even for one who will not be able to run the release.

Anyway, this thread was launched by a moderator who sounded like she was fielding too many support questions about matters covered in the blog posts. No gushing anticipation evident…though we can anticipate lots of Scriv 3 questions in Technical Support in the months and years ahead, so it’s probably best to get used to them.

Cheers - Jerome

Consider this thread pre-emptive Technical Support.

Having seen the Scrivener 3 beta, I anticipate that a number of changes will require some re-learning among long time Scrivener users. (Myself included.) The blog posts are designed for this purpose, and reading them could save both you and us substantial pain and suffering. Hence my suggestion.

Should you find this thread offensive, feel free to ignore it.


I suppose, to be fair, it’s not the thread itself which offends me, but the fact that Scrivener 2 has endured through so many releases of the Mac OS and now, all of a sudden, we have to have the latest (which is going to cut off any Mac user who hasn’t upgraded - and I’m sure you realise from user statistics, that’s a LOT of potential customers lost/alienated).

This complaint would be more appropriately directed to Apple. We don’t control their libraries.


Nor did you through Snow Leopard to Sierra! Scrivener 2 worked all the way through…

That was all 32-bit code, with an increasing amount of cruft in there to work around against various bugs in the 32-bit Apple libraries, with an increasing amount of cruft to permit code to keep working across a variety of OS versions.

Apple has, from what I understand, been giving less and less priority to fixing 32-bit bugs, and with High Sierra, that’s it – that’s the last of the 32-bit code.

Scrivener had to move to 64-bit, which means a thorough re-write. New features (and by new features, from the blog posts and hints KB has dropped we’re talking a complete rewrite of how Scrivener applies styles plus compiler) + change to 64-bit = not maintaining all of that patchwork of code that’s there just to allow backwards compatibility for 32-bit bugs.

If Scrivener DOESN’T do this, they won’t be able to go past High Sierra.

Yes, it sucks. I had to go scour eBay to find a used Mac mini so I could upgrade to Sierra (my previous Mac was just old enough hardware that, as far as I could tell, it couldn’t upgrade to Sierra for entirely arbitrary reasons). That’s Apple’s fault, not L&L’s. They don’t want users hanging around on old hardware forever. They WANT you to buy new hardware. They are the ones who don’t support older hardware and older OS versions. And you know what? They may have some valid reasons for doing so.

From Apple:


Ok, here’s an idea for Keith (assuming he is his own one-man marketing department…):

Release Scrivener 3 with a name like “Scrivener Plus”, or “New Scrivener”, or even “Scrivener 64”, and charge whatever you were going to charge for it. Make it clear it will ONLY run on 10.13 or higher.

Also sell Scrivener 2 at a reduced rate, maybe call it “Scrivener Classic” or something? Say it will run on 10.6 to 10.12/13 and charge a reduced price for it, say ⅔ of the new version.

You have not been charged for this marketing idea!

It’s still possible to download both Scrivener 1.54 and Scrivener 2.5 from our site. The upgrade discount from Scrivener 1 still works. We aren’t going to abandon current Scrivener 2 users any time soon.

But once Scrivener 3 is released, you shouldn’t expect to see any further updates to Scrivener 2, nor will we be selling new Scrivener 2 licenses. We don’t have the resources to maintain both codebases, especially as Apple itself moves further and further away from the 32-bit world.


I’m very disappointed to hear that. While I understand the forced upgrade situation, I cannot agree with throwing an established user base on the trash heap by refusing to sell new Scrivener 2 licenses. Assuming that Scriv2 is sufficiently de-bugged and stable, and runs well on existing 32-bit OS & hardware, why take this scorched earth approach? There’s no maintenance required for an existing, frozen version… is there? Other than the support offered here on the forums? And the great bulk of that is user supported. Perhaps the only burden to L&L is setting up a new Scriv3 section, and maintaining the existing Scriv2 forum sections. Or will we see the existing Scriv2 topic sections frozen, too?

I’ve several times been delighted to find that “legacy” versions of essential software remain available for download, and can be licensed as needed. I’m currently running several of those. Do NOT assume that everybody will throw perfectly good investments in software and hardware on the trash heap simply to keep pace with each new Apple and Microsoft shiny-shiny version that costs like hell and offers little productivity improvements for average users, other than massive headaches coping with new incompatibilities, bugs, and confusing user interface twists and changes.

Essentially, this means I cannot recommend Scrivener 2 to acquaintances who, like me, elect to remain with 32-bit hardware that has a number of years additional useful life. If they cannot purchase a license for it, then it simply no longer exists. I have no bone to pick with those on the forced upgrade march; but I do feel a bit ‘tossed off’ by being, essentially, dumped and abandoned.

Sadly, goodbye.

Not sure you are reading the L&L position correctly. Legacy versions ARE available for download. But you need to buy a current version license to use it. Meaning not discounted. I beleive that a v3 license can be used with v2 but L&L will need to confirm.

While I understand your position I don’t think your approach is productive. But maybe I’m too easily offended myself :wink:

Failing to stay out of the flame war that started, I gotta say that holding onto the past will only keep you from improving. This was felt by those who held onto their floppy disk PCs instead of moving on to CD-Rs (recordable CDs) or moving on from a removable disc and onto USB Drives.

Granted, not everyone has the funds to buy the most recent shiny new thing.
Let’s just hope what you have now does all that you want to do.