Achievement Unlocked!

Well, today I achieved a long-held wish: to get into the Guardian’s book review pages before I was 40! Okay, so I only made it by a week, and it’s not exactly for the reason I had intended (i.e. writing a book), but hey, I’ll take it! … iam-gibson

Congratulations on the eleventh hour achievement Keith. A nice endorsement of Scrivener, and entirely deserved. Pop your teacher’s hat back on and give yourself an A. :slight_smile:

I bet you’ve got:[i][b]

[/b][/i] carved into the bed headboard and etched onto the ceiling!! :laughing: :laughing:
Congratulations Kev :wink: Who’da thought a simple ‘Shed’ would become so popular…eh? :wink:
Well done young fella ten outta ten :smiley:

Congratulations, Keith. No question that you have made it easier to organize and manage our work. (And it’s not at all your fault that actual writing still is something of a challenge.)

I do worry, however, that the forum may soon be alight with requests for convoluted impractical features which will generate those “new styles in literature.”


Got to feel good!

"… Scrivener and its ilk … "

Ilk? I’ve searched the menus, the online manual, and spent the last hour searching the forum.

Is the ilk a plug-in, or a template? Please, it’s very confusing. Scrivener has been doing well on my computer but the output seems to suffer … is it the lack of the ilk?

(Nevertheless, attaboy, Mister K! Well deserved!)

P.S. If I find the ilk, and it proves to be a hairy, ugly little thing … do I spray it or stomp it?

Birthday boy this week. Happy 40th. You get a nice mention in the Guardian. Do we all get a slice of cake to toast you with?

Think the Guardian unintentionally misleads a little by focussing on ‘writers’ in the sense of professional authors when, in fact, Scrivener is (or should be) a must-have software resource for anyone writing a novel, article, report, essay, dissertation, etc.

Students, journalists, bloggers, people writing company reports or proposals—they should all use Scrivener. Word processors—such as MS Word or Apple Pages—simply don’t come close.

Well-earned bragging rights: Congrats to the developer and writer, Keith.

Neither. Run away. Fast. You’ve seen Gremlins? The rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Alf? Nothing on The Ilk. Don’t look back, not even when the sobbing subsides and you think you’re safe. Just keep running. Keep running.

Do you think the ilk is to be found on Ilkley Moor … with or without it’s hat?

Congrats Keith … a dream achieved!


Scrivener is sui generis; it therefore has no ilk.


Way cool!

But can you do white text on a blue background? ducks

Congratulations! Scrivener has been such a godsend that I bought 3 of them.

I heard that’s what professionals use.

Ducks? :confused:

You might like to read this thread …

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Otherwise, “ducks” is them quacky things that swim around on ponds, or an English way of addressing someone of the other sex in a somewhat patronising way … take your pick.


Yep, read that thread first time around. And reread it now. No mention of ducks at all. :confused:

No, but the OP needed to duck below the parapet!