Adaptation to small screen for compilation (beta 25)

Hi ! I still encounter some problem with the responsiveness to small screen. (Like this thread.)
This time, it concern the compilation screen : I’m unable to reach the bottom or to resize the window. So I just can’t use it.

I agree it’s better for an application to be responsive to the screen size, but you can resize from the top, then drag the window up to reveal the bottom. My compile window appears to be capable of being shorter than yours–you’re not having the issue where it can’t be resized at all, are you?

Well, sadly, I’m having the problem where I can’t resize it at all. :blush:
(I fully agree that that resizing could be enough for small screen, when it’s working)

Greetings - If you right click on the title bar, select Size, and press the down arrow key, the window will be resized if possible to disclose its bottom edge, at least on Win 10 v. 19.03. Just press Enter to accept the changed size.

Rgds - Jerome

Jerome – Wow, yet another Win10 trick I didn’t know. :slight_smile: Thanks for that one!

Hi ! Thnaks for the tip, unfortunately it doesn’t work (I updated to windows19.03, so it’s not a problem with that). It resize a little bit, but not enough to display the bottom of the screen, so I still can’t use it.

Your screen size MUST be at least 1080px high at 100% scaling. Your display does not meet these minimum requirements. From the screenshot and the amount of icons in your taskbar, I feel like you are using some small monitor size laptop (ZenBook) which have by default 150% scaling, which actually reduces the amount of display pixels,

Try changing your monitor scaling to 100% and check the result, or use a monitor with at least 1080px height at 100% scaling.

The Compile dialog cannot fit all the compile settings on the small screen in this particular case.

Oh ! I wasn’t aware of that feature for small screen. With a 100% scaling, it works perfectly.
Thank you very much for the tip, and sorry for the disturbance ! :blush: :blush: :blush:

Glad it helped, Enjoy!

The compile / edit format window was too large and would not reduce so changes could be saved. It also disappeared behind the compile window, and as it was awaiting a save or cancel from me, this meant I was locked out. The only workaround was as described here and to set the screen scaling to 100%. On an older machine, with a low resolution monitor, the compile/edit window still had the save/ cancel options beyond the bottom of the screen - but with no option to workaround.

This is an issue since a long time.
Whatever the screen size and the scaling is - the window should resize also in height, if we so wish to do. And certainly not vanish, when we click at the bar.
It’s definitely a bug - that the team refuses to acknowledge.

The team has essentially stated that this is not a bug; it’s a design choice they don’t want to spend time on right now (if ever).

There are ways to work around this limitation, which have been discussed in other threads. For example, some Nvidia drivers allow larger virtual screens than physical screens, as do some AMD drivers.

it’s a design choice that the window escapes downwards, when clicking on the horizontal bar to resize it?
It’s a design choice that the window can’t be resized in height?

Well,I’m certainly not a tech gal, but this should not be intended.

Anyway I don’t see no workaround to avoid the ascape of said window.

@Dorothea: Every week you comment about this problem. Our design choice is to put a lot of options which do not fit on small display unfortunately. Your choice is to use a small display with less than 1080px effective height. We refuse to put scrollbars and make the dialog ugly for everyone. We know about the problem and we will try to find a workaround, but it is not a priority I am afraid. We have more pressing issues to fix, and we ask for your understanding. Posting about this problem continuously is only wasting each others time. Hope you understand.