Advice for managing comments from readers

actually, it’s a very different problem - but the next problem is that when I send the pdf for review using everybody can see each other’s comments

but I’d like to see all the team’s comments, but without them seeing each other’s comments. which doesn’t allow (and sending different copies of the same PDF screenplay is cumbersome, obviously)

WriterDuet allows to share a public link (which can open in their if the recipient doesn’t use WriterDuet) which by default does NOT allow “public comments”, so the author sees all comments but the reviewers see only their own comments - which is exactly what I want

BUT importing a PDF (or .fdx) created in Scrivener into WriterDuet loses a lot of formatting, so requires tweaking/recreating the format of many lines (all “General” text basically - text on the screen, text messages sent by characters, everything that’s not pure dialogue or action etc.). so it’s impractical.

as for writing directly in WriterDuet, well, in my opinion it is vastly inferior to scrivener - no snapshots, vastly inferior outliner (impossible to group scenes, move them around) and it’s not even possible to “disable” a scene - keep it in place but without including it in the screenplay. creatively, it is much less free and much more limiting (which is why we’re all here, I guess :smiley: )

cheers guys

The way I’ve always handled getting and dealing with comments from collaborators is to send them in email the draft document. PDF a good format. Request that they put their comments inside the PDF; or if they prefer, print to paper, handwrite, scan to PDF. In both instances ask they send their own PDF’s back to me in email. That way nobody see’s others comments (which is one of your objectives). Then I usually display the PDF on the screen (or perhaps print to paper), review the comments, and then be selective in how I handle each and every one. I also get back to each contributor feedback on what they said, what I accepted, what I rejected, etc.

Keep it simple.


I have had similar experience. My solution was to export to RTF from Scrivener and then turn the RTF into a PDF. This preserves the formating.

How many people are you sending it too? You could just create an email group for reviewers in your email client and then send an email to that group with the attached PDF.

Setting up such a group is simple in Apple Mail.

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Caution. A lot of people nowadays like to “reply all” in emails hence contributing to a potential barrage of emails and exposing comments to too many people. I accept that it’s the sender’s responsibility for addressees and what they are distributing … but “reply all” and inappropriate re-forwards of email threads is a pain sometimes.

I would send it as a BCC.

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yep. that is the cautionary approach for me too.