All documents empty after format change in desktop

I used Scrivener 3 for MacOS to change all of my documents in a 300 page or so ms. to default formatting.

Now when I sync and open the same project in Scrivener for iOS, every document has zero words.

Fortunately I have a backup, and it still opens fine on the Mac.

I am using a font which may not be installed in iOS but according to the documentation Scrivener for iOS should just substitute Helvetica.

Please advise on how to get my project visible on iOS again.

Update: Actually having the same problem with some documents which I did not reset the format…and no othe projects have the same issue.

In addition, trying to view a PDF in the research folder gives the message “This document cannot be viewed in this version of Scrivener.”

Sounds like your iOS device needs a reboot?


Tried that, but it did’t help. It’s definitely specific to that project - others are fine.

Adding the missing font to ~/Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener/Fonts/ didn’t fix it, either.

Also tried removing the working version on the Mac from ~/Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener/ , deleting on iOS, and moving back, then re-syncing on iOS does not fix it.

Similar to this? … 88#p263288

Slàinte mhòr.

Yes, exactly. I had already arrived at the same fix when I saw this post. Glad it worked but disconcerting.

Good to have a resolution.

Perhaps iOS tech support could assist to get to the root of the issue:

Slàinte mhòr.

In the thread you linked, the issue appeared to be that the project was deleted from iOS Scrivener.

For a deleted project to go away seems to me to be the intended behavior. I’m not sure what “resolution” you would hope to get from a support query.

My recommendation to avoid this kind of confusion is to move projects out of Dropbox from the Mac side, rather than deleting them. Then the project will be completely gone from Dropbox – reducing the risk of confusing bits floating around – but completely intact elsewhere if you change your mind.


I think you’re misreading that thread – the OP reported the same problem that I did. Then in his second post he deleted it from his iOS device to try to fix it. See also item 3 in his final post.

It works as a solution but it doesn’t explain why every document in my 300 page / 100k word project showed 0 words. It didn’t “go away” from Scrivener in iOS – all the binder structure remained – but the contents had been eliminated without warning (and still appeared when it was opened on the Mac).

Fortunately I was able to delete it and restore from a recent backup which does work on both platforms, but the fact that Scrivener lost all the content of my project remains disconcerting.

(Note that the format change appeared to be a red herring – even files which I hadn’t changed and PDFs were unreadable).

Hi, Katherine.

I pointed out the solution the user had resorted to, Their problem was not caused by deleting the project from Dropbox. Here is the start of the thread: … 35#p263235

If two users have had seemingly very similar / identical issues, a support query might well help them and others.

Slàinte mhòr.

If the Binder structure remains but the contents are missing, that’s an indication that the .scrivx file – the master index used to build the Binder – has become disconnected from the files that actually contain the project content. The most common cause is incomplete synchronization, where the .scrivx file has synchronized but the contents have not. Reformatting the entire project would cause every file to change, and as a result synchronization would take longer than it typically does.

Having the problem only appear on iOS, but not on the Mac – where the change was actually made – is also indicative of a synchronization error. The Mac version was fine because it was always fine: it was stored locally, but the error occurred along the chain from Mac → Dropbox → iOS.