Anybody know the answer to this?

If I buy Scrivener, can I use that license on both my iMac and Macbook? And… if so, what’s the best way to sync the two to keep each up to date with the other? Thanks in advance.

Don’t know the exact licence details but yes you can use it on desktop and portable. As to syncing - the best way I’ve found is to back up a zipped copy of the document into a Dropbox folder and then open that on the other machine, reversing the process when you want to swap back.
In theory you could keep the Scrivener file in the Dropbox folder but in practice this isn’t a great idea since a Scrivener file is actually a folder of multiple files and Dropbox can have problems with that in my experience.

From the FAQ:

As for keeping stuff up to date, this one hasn’t been “published” yet, but will be shortly:

You absolutely can. The license is a “family” license, which means you can install it on multiple computers owned by people who live together as a family, all with just one license purchase. I recommend reading the license terms.

As for keeping things synchronized between multiple computers, there has been (and still is) extensive discussion on options for doing just that, in the Technical Support forum, even. A search for ‘sync’ turns up quite a lot.

Thank you so much for your responses to my questions. It’s good to know I can use the program on both my computers. I can’t hold back any longer… I’ve gotta have it.

Thanks also for the syncing advice. The two computers are set up on a Network all their own, so could you tell me how exactly I would do copying between them, keeping in mind that I’m not a techie in any sense of the word and must be instructed like a 5 year old. :slight_smile:

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The only safe way to do this:

On machine A:
File: Backup Project to (makes a Zip file of the project)
Copy the ZIP file to machine B

If you make changes in the file on machine B,

Reverse the process.

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You guys are a great help, and so friendly too. :smiley: I almost think using a Flash drive would be the easiest way to sync, unless I can get to understanding how to do Dropbox. I need a little more step by step instruction using the Flash drive though, I don’t understand what zips the files…

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