"back button" for previous document

Hello Scrivener folks,

  1. I can’t thank you enough for an excellent program. It is helping me immensely in getting through a phd.

  2. I have searched through the forums, but b/c of the frequency of the word ‘back’, it’s tough to tell if anyone’s requested this yet. If so, I apologize.

3. My request: a back button for previous document.
My files contain several hundred nested text documents, and sometimes I jump around a lot. I’m aware of the Go to -> Previous Document, but this only moves up and down. Sometimes I’d like to go back to the previous one I was editing, and can’t remember which folder it was in.

Oh, and a relatively easy way to assign it a shortcut key thru Keyboard / System Preferences (i.e. not nested too deeply on a menu)

Thank you! Keep up the excellent work.

San Diego

There are Back and Forward buttons right at the top of the Editor pane. These walk you back/forward through the editor view’s history. In short, it is exactly what you wished for.


P.S. The nestedness of a menu item does not really change the difficulty of assigning a kbd shortcut does it? You just enter the name of the menu item and you are good to go!

The menu commands for the traditional back and forward are:

  • View->Editor->Forward in Document History
  • View->Editor->Backward in Document History
  • View->Editor->Other Editor->Forward in History
  • View->Editor->Other Editor->Backward in History

All four variants (two for each split) already have keyboard shortcuts applied however—the same shortcuts used in Mac Web browsers and most other programs with history functions.

Thanks, and pardon for not realizing. I was sure I tried that and it took me to the preceding document in the binder, not to the last one I was actually editing…

Hi again Scrivener community, I’m amending my question:

The functioning of the ‘Backward in doc. history’ command confused me b/c it doesn’t updated the highlighted document in the binder. Is it supposed to function this way? I’m aware that you can right-click on the doc icon in the header bar and select ‘reveal in binder,’ but I generally have the header bar hidden.

So: is there any way to get the binder to highlight the document that’s opened in the editor when jumping around using Fwd/Back in Document History command?

much appreciated.

That’s not really how the binder and editor (plural, don’t forget) relationship is designed to work. You can read up on it in these prior discussions if you wish to know more about why.

If it’s becoming a problem in knowing where you are, maybe the small amount of space used by the header bar is worth leaving it enabled? That way you also get a read-out of your history by right-clicking on the buttons, rather than strictly the blind movement you get with the shortcuts. Otherwise the inspector is also a place that prints the name of the thing you’re editing, up in the “card” at the top.

There is only one command I think that absolutely requires the header bar to be visible, and that is the path menu. You can use Opt-Cmd-R to Reveal in Binder at any time, or if you prefer menus, it’s in the View menu too.

Thanks for the helpful answer, Amber.