Background Themes Issue

Hi there,

I’m new and still playing around with Scrivener, but I’m confused about how saving themes works. While I have imported themes and save them, I don’t know if I just have to change my fixed width and screen backgrounds each time I want to switch a theme for a single document. For example, I could switch to a warm theme with library image backgrounds, but instead, I get the color change but the backgrounds for like my romance theme still there? Am I the only one going through this?

You are definitely not the only one fighting this. I hope someone has an answer for us.

Scrivener has one Theme per entire application, so saving a Theme per Document or even per Project is not supported. When you change a Theme it’s for all Documents and all Projects.

Although Backgrounds are part of Personal Preferences, AFAIK they’re not saved with the Theme. You could try saving your Preferences in File > Options > Manage and see if Backgrounds are included…

The difference between Load Theme from file and Importing Themes is that the latter is copied to the application’s Themes folder and the former are not. The imported Theme appears in the menu with the build-in Themes.

Scrivener 3 Themes (Windows)