Beta 0.22 -question --registration number

When I installed Beta 022, it asked me for a registration number.

What am I supposed to put in, if anything?


Are you referring to this?


It’s just a semi-functional placeholder for now. At the moment, just click “Try”. The Registration isn’t working at all in this version, so if it does lock up before the next beta comes out, click “Reset Trial”. Lee explains this over here, 9th APRIL - LEE’S UPDATE - BETA 022 RELEASED.

yes, that’s what I was referring to.

022 is working nicely. Tried a test “compile” and it worked correctly. No other problems so far.

Sorry. I did a more thorough check on my test compile. I did find a very few end of chapters going on the same page as the beginning of the next chapter. But far, far less than before-- and no more of the bug which gave me just a few words on a page

Not a big deal for me, as I would always compile it as an rtf, or other word-compatible format and clean it up in Word anyway before printing (put in page numbers, grammar check, etc)


Just to clarify, do you have “page break before” checked in the compile pane for the first document of new chapters? What format are you compiling to?