Hi Scriveners,

We are releasing this pre-release beta in an attempt to iron out any remaining bugs in the software.
This beta contains the full functionality for release 1.0 of Scrivener for Windows and will expire on the 7th November 2011.

You can install right over the top of beta 045.

A bug fix list will be posted on the forums in due course; however, there is a known issue we discovered in the release process which we will fix before release. The known issue is as follows:

“If you have a multiple selection open on the corkboard, dragging and dropping the cards in the corkboard does not appear to move them on the corkboard but does move them around in the binder. Dragging and dropping on the corkboard or outliner should not be allowed when viewing a multiple selection.”

We’re not there yet, but I’d like to personally thank this wonderful community of writers for your
continued support, patience and feedback this past year. Without you all, Scrivener would not be what it is today. I know it’s still not perfect, were still working on that, but Scrivener is starting to shape up rather nicely.

I hope you enjoy this release.


P.S. Please remember to refresh the page if the following download link does not work.
Windows and Linux downloads:

As ever - many thanks Lee for your work in getting this up, running, and available …


This looks very polished to me! If I have to make a complaint it’s my usual one: my favorite shortcuts doesn’t seem to work in Full Screen mode. For instance,
Ctrl + K > Split at selection
Shift + Alt + Right Arrow > Go to next document

That said, please let’s pay for this beauty already! :mrgreen:


When the option to have the Start Panel start when there’s no projects open is ticked and then you open a project, the Start Panel doesn’t go away like it has in the past.

This has been present through several betas and is still in Beta 46.

A couple of old favourites…

Very minor but URL’s are still pasted in twice when copied from the URL bar in Chrome

‘Niggered’ is still suggested as a ‘correction’ to Sniggered (Dictionary: English (UnitedKingdom))

Also minor: I have the ‘Show inspector’ button on the far right hand end of the Main Toolbar. When this is pressed ‘on’, the left edge of the button butts up against the right edge of the ‘search bar’ - which seems uncomfortably close. When the inspector button Is off, there’s no clash. I’m running Windows 7 on my laptop at 1280x800

Sub numbering not restarting count during compile bug is still present. As a result, comic scripts will not auto number properly.

I don’t see this feature yet -thinking of getting an iPad but would need this feature in Scrivener first. Maybe a good thing, can focus on writing rather than a new toy?

Congratulations! Posted, as usually, on my blog, for Spanish readers:

There are many people waiting for the final release. Have you been able to fix the accents problem yet?

If 045 is the special NaNo trial, which functions until Dec 7th, why does this beta (046) expire on Nov 7th? I’m doing NaNo this year so I won’t be buying a Scriv license until after…

Yeah, was wondering about the date on the beta version, as well…

Next update will be out in a week, so we’re reducing the number of versions floating around. The NaNoWriMo trial is special, for both Windows and Mac, because it extends the normal trial period so participants can write like fury all month and not worry about needing to update in the middle or running out of time on the trial.

ravensview - Simplenote sync is in the plan for the future but it’s not going to be a 1.0 feature.

Are you seeing this in 046? This was actually a bug in 035 that was fixed–you should see a little separator between the search bar and the inspector, whether the inspector is visible or hidden.

Other bugs/feature requests all noted, thank you guys. :slight_smile:

Gotcha, so we’ve got the extra-special version. :mrgreen:

Yes, I’m seeing it in 046.

I installed it over the top of the previous beta so I wonder if it could it be something to do with a previously customised toolbar (which is kept)? Here’s what’s in my Main Toolbar:


Add items

Project keywords
Full screen


View mode
Format bar

Search bar

The new moving files in the binder is sweet! Well done and a massive improvement over anything we’ve had before. Overall, things are looking much more polished.

If you delete the registry setting show in the screenshot this will fix this as it’s storing an older layout value.

Thanks - this was worth the hard work as I’m rather fond of it too.

Fixed today :slight_smile:

This has been fixed today.

Yeah, this ones been around for a while. Fixed today. Basically, Chrome is sending this as uri’s
This doesn’t appear to be correct to the spec for uri’s. 0a translates to \n, so we can avoid it by checking for \n in the url retrieved as we shouldn’t ever get one anyway, and if we do its probably a chrome style uri. If someone does find something in the uri specs that allows for a \n to mean something then let me know and I’ll add it.

But, yes, this was grating me for some time too.

Nice one. Thanks, well get this fixed.