Rob Hamm has kindly worked to the very early hours of the morning and built a deb package for Linux available here:

My apologies for the late delivery on this, it’s entirely my fault and I will make every effort to ensure that this does not happen again.


Sorry to be contrary, but is there a link to a non-deb tarball?

Thank you kindly, sir.

Wow, thanks for all the work! And thanks to Rob for helping get everything packaged.

Thank you very much. I will buy a copy of the linux version whenever it is available. I’ve begun writing my first novel with Scrivener. It has proved very useful.

Scot C Morgan
Fort Worth, TX, USA

Hmm… Kubuntu 11.04 32 bit with all current updates. I installed it and ran it, and nothing happened. I don’t even see it in the System Activity list. I ran it in a 11.10 VM, and it worked correctly. I might just do the 11.10 update on my netbook, and see what happens.

Sorry for a double post, I would rather do that than have my update missed…

I’m stupid. I didn’t wait long enough. Scrivener just popped up. So, the slowness is still there on startup, but I can live with that. Thanks for the 1.0 update!

For the non-deb people, who, like me, still haven’t had their coffee yet:

Extract the deb like you would any other tarball. The files you need are in scrivener_1.0.1_beta/usr/share/LiteratureAndLatte

Many thanks Lee and Rob. Installed perfectly and I’m up and writing again!

Hello there.
This is my first install of Scrivener for Linux. I’m currently running Ubuntu 11.10, and the .deb file installed beautifully.
I watched a few tutorial videos and played around with the application, but after beginning a new project for the fourth time (to try a different template), I had a problem: the font color for the binder and file panels are almost white, while the background is a light grey. I did fix part of this issue by changing the font color on the file panel, but the binder panel’s colors are way to similar and it’s extremely difficult to read. Also, the blinking bar and the selected text appear white, rendering them useless.
Has this happened to anybody else? Is it fixable?

Anyway, I also wanted to thank the people responsible for making this amazing software, and the people bringing it to Linux. Although I’ve never done serious work with it, it looks amazing.


Sorry for double posting, but I’ve fixed it. A quick visit to Tools/Options/Appearance and I reset all colors to default. Amazing. Sorry for my stupidity.

Hi, thanks for all the hard work, I have installed and works fine, but I have a couple of questions:

  1. Will my work still be retained after expiry in march, when I have to update? I’m 99% sure it will :smiley:
  2. Will there be a more official version so updates are not needed? I’d pay. What is L&L’s take on this?

I still had my save files after upgrading to this version so I think the files will probably still be there.

Also, I hope nobody minds me doing this, but I’ve just taught myself to make RPM packages for Redhat based systems and just made one from the contents of this DEB file:


Feel free to check/use it. It’s only the third RPM I’ve made so far so there’s a possibility that I did it wrong, but it seems OK so far on my own laptop. Hopefully it will save anyone else from having to spend 6+ hours working out how to install a DEB file in OpenSuse.

Thanks so much for this…aside from the blank text reset issue it seems to work perfectly (on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - 64bit). Scrivener is revolutionising my writing process.

I’m new here and start with Scrivener on a Linux (Ubuntu10.04 32bit) System.
On my PC, it works well.

My Girlfriend would also start with Scrivener, but with Ubuntu 10.04 64bit !

That is not possible to install. “Wrong Systemversion”.

Is there any Version for 64bit Ubuntu avaiable?

We are not so familiar with “Make” and so on…sorry.

How do you have install it on a 64bit Ubuntu?

Instructions to install on 64-bit systems are at viewtopic.php?f=33&t=15895#p112150

But I should just make a post about it so it’s easier to find.

Just want to give a Big Thanks to everyone involved with Scrivener for Linux.

Quick Idea: It may be too early to charge the full $40(?) for the Linux version, but how about an interim measure. For $10 sell us the right to receive betas that won’t expire for a year. That brings in a little revenue from the Linux side, plus for those of us wanting to do real work on Scrivener, it would relieve some of that anxiety about getting the next beta upgrade in three months.

Just a thought.

I’m a linux user but I just purchased Scrivener for Windows.

Scrivener looks amazing and I can’t wait to use it. Since I can’t pay for a Linux version now I thought I’d show my support for Linux development by buying the Windows version.

It would be super, super nice if Linux users who did this also received a free Linux license once it’s officially released but I’m happy to show my thanks by purchasing now either way.

Thanks for posting this link. I’ve been using Scrivener on my PC, Win 7, for a few months and love it.

I needed to upgrade the OS on my laptop, didn’t want Microsoft to have yet more of my money, so I loaded Ubuntu because I could use Scrivener on it via Wine / Crossover.

Well I am new to Linux and this link worked brilliantly!

Thank you!

As soon as its available I’m buying another license for the linux version!

Thanks for all your work. I hope for an official linux version.