BETA 27. Bug? Layout window too big to use

I mean this window,when I’min the compiler and want tochange someof the preset formatting,like seize or typeface of a header…

my screen is 1440x900 - says the system.

And what scaling doyou mean? Can I scalesomething in the compilerwindow?
I can’t veen resize that window with the layout options.when I try, it creeps dwnwrds.

Try grabbing the top left/right corner and resize, than move the window up. Your main compiler window is fully visible the compile format editor should fit too.

As you can (perhaps) see,the main compile window fits my screen. And it’s smallerthan the compile format editor (Now Ik now the corect term for it. g)
And ican’t resize this editor, because it escapes downwards,when I try to grap one of the corners. that best just flees to the bottom of the screen .( It’s not as funny as it sounds.)
I can resize the main compile window though, but that doesn’t help anyting.

Now what?

Please, read and follow my post above. It is about your topmost compile format editor window and not the main compile window.

that edior is what I’m spelaing about, when I say, it escapes when I try to grab it.
I think. Or do you mean something else than the top window in my screenshot?

I can confirm the same issue, width can be resized, but height has a limit, so you can´t make it short.
my lap monitor is configured in 1920x1080 at 125% zoom.
There are much space to make it less tall, but at certain point you can´t do it.
This was not happening in previous betas (16-18)

1920x1080 at 125% is definitely not a recommended resolution.
1920x1080 at 100% is.

So a laptop with 1366x768 resolution (perhaps the most common laptop resolution) cannot be used for this? Realizing it’s an old laptop, it’s the laptop I have, and I use it for writing when I’m away from my main computer.

In the US, only ~20% of desktops have 1920x1080 screens. ( … erica/2019).

@rwfrantz: For writing yes, for compiling and editing compile settings the screen height of 768px is not enough to fit all the options.

Where to start?

  1. Despite the graph’s title, it conflates desktops AND laptops, which they are unable to distinguish. (This is from the site’s FAQ.)

  2. The numbers refer not to machines or users, but web page accesses. (The FAQ again.) It says little or nothing about machine capability distribution. Someone who surfs the web at the coffee shop, then works on a large machine on Scrivener, Office, etc., will skew the statistics toward the laptop, regardless of actual hours spent. These statistics are important for web designers, less valid for what an on-machine program should do.

  3. The #1 category (>20%) in the graph is “Other”. What is that? Given the individual listings are a fairly complete set of screen resolutions from 2009 (1920x1080 being the largest), “Other” likely includes all the newer resolutions like XD, UHD, etc. Today, well–a quick check of Best Buy shows 1920x1080 being the bargain basement for monitors, though laptops lag that.

Not arguing what L&L should or should not do for legacy equipment, just that the statistics cited prove little to nothing.

As usual, I found an acceptable workaround:

If I set the “Menus and Windows Font” to 6 points (which I admit is a little ridiculous), the compile dialog box is only ~610 pixels high. If I then use windows magnifier lens function to enlarge the text to 200%, or simply magnify full screen, this could work.

I can read that. I just have to squint.

If I use 8-point type (which for me is readable in the right font (not Segoe, though)), I can get a ~640-pixel high dialog box, which will fit. The editing box is perhaps 50 pixels taller. Although shifting to an 8-pt windows font to read all the compile settings will be annoying, I can probably make that work. I’m using a font that’s readable at 8 points.

Possible bug here: Line height does not scale with font size.

Which I suppose is the last option available to get this dialog on screen. Shrink the menu fonts (Options → Appearance → General interface → (Last item in the page), and choose a font that looks okay at small sizes.

While admitting that everything you say is correct (I had the same concerns), this data is evidence of a sort that screens 1080+ tall are not so commonly used as one might at first think.

I suppose this should go to [Beta 28] Compile window cut off at bottom and won't resize , about the cut window.

This doesn’t help here with the escaping layout formatting editor; se my screenshot please.
Doyou have a solution forthat one too?

Speaking of laptops …
I just checked my notebook. The window is too big there, too, and I can’t resize in height.

Not being able to resize a window properly is certainly a bug.

When you grab the top left/right window corners you should be able to size down the window. Then grab the window title bar and move it up. Does this help?
Obviously if the window is too big for the monitor height, it will always remain hidden at the bottom.

Noting that the on a 1366x768 display scaled to 100% the compile window will scale down to just fit.
This could be an accessibility issue if someone needs to scale the screen because of vision impairments.
So might be worth looking at how hard it would be to allow for a smaller minimum on scaling vertically.

I can get the compile window to fit (I can adjust the size of it). I can’t get the editing compile settings window to fit (768px screen at 100%).

I see 3 issues (Beta 30):

  • I can change the windows and menu font size, but the text boxes do not get smaller to match the font size.
  • Whenever I go to change the size of the editing compile settings window (grabbing the corner) the entire window disappears into some sort of oblivion and the program freezes completely. I have to end the task with the task manager.
  • the biggest part of the window real estate is taken up with the display of what the chosen settings will look like. That can certainly be in an adjustable size section.

This isn’t a show stopper, but I would consider this a bug.

In BETA30 that beast is even bigger than before.
Before I could at least see the upper edge from the bottom space whre the buttons are located.

And about grabbing a coin or something - the window starts to vanish downstairs immediaately. There is no way whatsoever to edit the pre-set layouts.
If it’s not meant for us to create our own layouts, then there should be a lot more selections of design… But that doesn’t make sense, does it?

Please, file this.

I see two bugs here:

  1. elements of the dialog box should resize to fit their contents.
  2. There should be a scroll bar on any dialog box that exceeds the dimensions of the monitor (this would solve the problem).

Interesting behavior in Beta 31.

Entering the Compile Edit window, I’m in Section Layouts, and I cannot shrink the window beyond a certain point.
However, if I click on Transformations, I can shrink the window vertically to about 600 (not sure of the exact measure). If I then switch back to Section Layouts, it retains that height. (Using a Menus and Windows font of VAGRounded 10)