Beta 30 - Edit Format window too large for screen, cannot save

I have a laptop that runs a display resolution of 1366x768.

When I go to Edit Format from the Compile window, the edit window is too tall. I have no way to access the Save button at the bottom of the window. I have tried various ways to have windows adjust the size/location of the window, but they have no affect (vertically at least, I can resize from side to side).

When I try to adjust the size of the window be moving the top of the window down, the entire screen disappears and Scrivener freezes. I can’t find where the window went and have to end task from the task manager.

I have tried to adjust the size of the Menus and Windows Font in File - options - appearance. All that does is make the text smaller, the size of the text boxes remains the same.

It is impossible to make any changes to a compile format.

Interesting. Worked for me, on the same size screen. Try a completely different font? I don’t have that laptop easily available right now, but I’ll get it out later and show my settings and some screenshots.

The “save” button is accessible. The bottom of the dialog box is cut off a little. This is using 8-pt VAGRounded BT as the Menus and Windows font. I could probably manage this with a slightly larger font.

Enable High DPI is checked. Default Hinting (which I believe is Full hinting on that platform) is on.

So it is possible for this to work. I only use such a small font for this purpose; once I’m done with compile, I shift back to something more reasonable.

Thank you, RW, but that still didn’t work. I couldn’t find where on my Windows 10 machine to change the DPI. I was able to work around it by plugging my computer into my television and utilizing that larger resolution screen.

I think this is still a bug,

I shouldn’t have to do that to access a window that should be easily accessible whenever I need to change those settings,

Right click on desktop
Display settings
Under Change the size of text, apps and other items
Make sure it is 100% on a screen of your resolution.

That is what it is set at. I wasn’t sure if there was another place where that could be changed. Thank you.

Glad you got it solved.

See [url]BETA 27. Bug? Layout window too big to use - #8 by haep] for the discussion about 768-high screens.

And I agree, you shouldn’t.