Beta Expires Soon

We’re only a few days away from the current beta expiring. Any update on when the next beta will become available?

Most probable, before October 31st, this year.

Please post your replies grievences before the end date. We know, we know, we know. Just like all the other times as the days come closer and closer. It’s like the return of gas as with ulcers, or your Aunt Merle’s sudden return and so forth. How many times we scurry to be the first and bring this up (as with yesterdays lunch).

As Dr. Smith from Lost in Space would say. Oh the pain. The pain.
Or a Loony Toons cartoon. Oh Agony, Agony.

And since it expires on All Hallows Eve, your guess is as good as mine on whether you get a Trick or a Treat.

Huh? What??

Do a search on the Beta Forum about that question.

Please refrain from replying unless you have useful information. Thank you!

Every single time the current beta is about to expire, someone posts asking when they’ll release the next beta. Every time. Let that sink in for a moment. We’re up to what beta 26 now? So that’s twenty six times someone has asked this exact same question. Not only that, there have been other betas for different versions of Scrivener that we’ve experienced the same phenomenon. If you had spent a minute or two and searched or scrolled through the forum before asking the same question that has been asked more than two dozen times you would have learned from previous such posts that the next beta should come sometime before the current one expires. That’s the most specific answer you’re going to get, as no one save for the developers know and they aren’t saying.

I gave you an answer, just like we have given those who have asked many many times before you over previous beta’s. It’s old.

Now you should have your answer you wanted as well by either looking at Beta 27 which was just posted or by doing an update within Beta 26 which will now give a November 15 timestamp. Will you be asking before then as well?

Do you work for L&L? I would hope not because your attitude is disrespectful and unnecessary! But either way, I will be reporting you to the admins for the forums as your comments/replies need to definitely be screened as I’m sure I’m not the only you’ve most likely been disrespectful to.

As for my asking again, no I will not. I asked today because Nanowrimo is coming up and I was curious. I didnt need disrespectful replies from you or anyone else. I just asked a question and got a snooty reply. This was actually the first time I had ever posted. Thanks for turning me off from posting again!

I am new here. Had never posted before. Was just curious. Didnt know it was going to cause a problem. Snotty comments are not necessary for someone asking a question.

Waste of time commenting on the new posters asking about the beta expiry. It will always happen.

Bit like the 2000 address group email when idiots go Reply All with some dumb comment. No matter how many times you say ‘Don’t Reply All’ 10 or 20 idiots do!

At least they are only killing electrons, not trees.

Calling people idiots isnt necessary. I asked a question. I got disrespectful, unhelpful answers. I was new here. I was just curious. Call me an idiot, that’s fine. This idiots reporting all comments to the forum admin. Delete the comments. I’m screen shotting them as well!

Well since you’re new here I’ll throw you a bone. It’s considered polite in a help forum to use the search before asking a question. That’s why you’re getting so many ‘snotty’ answers.

Also, I would like to point out that, my answer told you everything you needed to know. So no, not all the answers were unhelpful.


It was a simple question. While yes, it would be helpful if people would search for answers, it has taken longer to gripe about this one than it would have to just answer (or ignore) it and move on. Please find some other way to entertain yourselves.

Jamoore87, welcome to the forums. I’m sorry you appear to have rubbed some of our guests the wrong way. No, as you deduced, they do not represent L&L – I’m the only participant in this thread (so far) who does.


In any Internet community that you are a new part of, it is a good course of action to spend some time reading and/or searching before you post a question, to see if it is a common question that has already been answered. The forums here have a wonderful search function that should help you if you decide to post future questions. Glad to have you here.

Please may I suggest that the devs do a “sticky” post at the top of the forum called “what happens when the current beta expires?”, which would save people the (very understandable) anxiety and save us all from the regular reappearance of this topic?

I didn’t call you an idiot, I called the people who reply all idiots.

I said it was a waste of time commenting on new posters who ask, because that will always happen, just a fact of life.

If they don’t take the time to read the current list of topics and see that there are 15 threads already asking that, why should we expect them to read a sticky post?

The info on how to download the current beta is in a sticky post and we still get questions on that every week…

A suggestion. To those of you who pile into every one of these threads (and it’s the same ones every time): draft a standard response explaining the beta process. Two lines will do. Post it if you feel the need to respond.

Not only will it save you the time required to draft the unhelpful comments, it will help preserve this forum’s reputation for civility and helpfulness.

Fair points, but it might catch the eyes of a few people. And, tbh, the “sticky” information about how to download the latest beta is a bit easy to miss because it’s separated from the rest of the forum (under “Announements”) and always shows the date that the very first beta was posted (Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:22 pm ), which makes it look as if it’s old information.

What I was suggesting was the first post in the forum itself could highlight the info, ideally in such a way that it would automatically appear at the top of the list of posts. I don’t imagine it will entirely solve the problem, but it might simplify everyone’s lives a little bit.