Beta Expires Soon

It sits at the top of the ”Beta testing” part of the forum. Isn’t that the natural place?

Any tentative date about the official release?
Thank you

HI mariani,

As per this blog post, L&L will no longer be providing tentative release dates.

“We’re not going to give another release date until everything is fixed and working properly.” <

Your best way of tracking progress is by following the change list for each new beta release, here: [url]Scrivener 3.0 Beta - Release Candidate 10 (Download Links & Change List)]


Maybe a moderator should post a (hopefully short) set of FAQs about the Beta in the announcements section?

The two most common questions seem to be:

  1. When’s the release date?
  2. The current Beta expires in days.

And the answers, of course, can be as simple as

  1. L&L doesn’t do release dates; the software will be released when it’s ready.


  1. We’ve not missed a Beta expiration date yet; we don’t expect to miss it this time.

And, of course, some people still won’t read them, but we could, you know, refer to it by reference in reply and skip all the insults, including the implied onces.

If October 31 rolls around and midnight is approaching, open Scrivener and keep it open. It should be OK the next day. You should be able to finagle your computer’s date, as well, but I don’t know if they closed that loophole. :slight_smile:

Or just download the latest beta; even simpler! :wink:

Welcome to the forum.

Normally once the beta expires a new once it’s published, unless version 3 is published (fingers crossed). The coders are still working on Version 3 for Windows and it seems the release version’s still some time away, so most probably you will be able to download a new beta. Don’t forget to inform in the proper sections of the forum on any issues, suggestions or doubts you might have.

Quick edit: the beta itself has informed me that a new version is available and it’s currently downloading and upgrading itself!!! Next expire is Nov 15.

That works, too! No exploits or time traveling needed!

I would not recommend anyone changing the PC time as you might hit unexpected behavior. Scrivener relies heavily on file dates for syncing and latest version file detection based on time. For example in case of multiple *.scrivx files within the project folder(in case of a faulty syncing with a cloud sharing service) Scrivener might choose to load the newest *.scrivx file within your project folder, If you move the clock backwards, you might end up with an unexpected Binder structure upon restart, Although it might work in some cases, I cannot promise that Scrivener will work flawlessly in all cases after a PC date/time move backwards. Especially we know that it might cause license server verification issues in v1.9.X and in v3 once licensing is enabled.